• Bachelor of Arts = BA
  • Bachelor of Science = BSc

University of Waterloo statement regarding access to programs and courses

Applying to psychology programs

About admission to Psychology programs, the Department of Psychology reserves the right to:

  • only admit to the Psychology Major those who are available for on-campus study. See note 1 for further details.
  • restrict the number of students admitted to psychology programs on conditional standing. Current University of Waterloo students, see note 2 for further details.
  • require higher cumulative averages (overall and psychology) for admission for incoming transfer students compared to current UWaterloo students or returning UWaterloo students.
  • require higher cumulative averages (overall and psychology) for admission to the Honours Psychology Co-op (BA or BSc) system of study compared to the Honours Psychology (BA or BSc) regular system of study.
  • refuse admission to the Psychology Minor for those who have a degree in Psychology from UWaterloo or elsewhere.

According to Faculty of Science policy, those holding a Bachelor of Science degree from UWaterloo or elsewhere are not eligible to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at UWaterloo as a second degree. See psychology programs in the Faculty of Arts instead.


  1. As of March 2007, only those who are available to take courses on-campus at the University of Waterloo during the daytime (e.g., PSYCH 291 Fall, PSYCH 292 Winter, etc.) will be considered for admission to the Psychology Major. Those who plan to only take courses in the evening and/or online will not be admitted to the Psychology Major. Exceptions will not be made for evening/online students who also plan to supplement their studies by taking courses at other universities. This decision is regrettable but necessary due to budget constraints.
  2. Current UWaterloo students: For those beyond year two, the psychology average for admission to the Honours Psychology "Old" plan regular system of study on conditional standing is typically no less than a cumulative psychology average of 74.5%. Those admitted on conditional standing must raise the psychology average to 75% within one academic term.

Last updated: February 3, 2016