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Enrolment problems Spring: Course overrides and waiting lists

Drop add for Spring 2017 begins on Monday, March 27.

Last day to add courses Spring 2017 is Friday May 12.

See all important dates for Spring 2017.

Courses offered by other academic units Spring 2017

Enrolment problems for Faculty of Arts courses other than Psychology

Enrolment problems for Psychology (PSYCH) courses offered by:

Psychology (PSYCH) courses offered by the University of Waterloo Department of Psychology Spring 2017

Enrolment problems for:

  • PSYCH 101 online, 207 online, 211 online, 261, 306, 339, 363: see below regarding waiting list requests and/or course override requests for enrolment.
  • PSYCH 398, 458:
    Contact the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor about the request. Include your full name, student identification number, and the course number for the course you are requesting to drop/add including the section number(s) for all of the course components (lecture, lab, tutorial, etc.). Note priority enrolment in these courses for students in co-op.
  • PSYCH 264, 464, 480-486, and 499 require application forms for enrolment.

Waiting list requests and/or course override requests for enrolment in 101 online, 207 online, 211 online, 261, 306, 339, 363

Psychology Majors and Psychology Minors (those officially enrolled or have submitted an application to one of these academic plans)

If you are a Psych major, send your course request to the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor; if you are a Psych minor, send your request to Nadine Quehl (

Include your name, student identification number, current year and academic plan(s).

Human Resources Management (HRM) students requesting PSYCH 339

If you are not enrolled in the Psychology Major or Psychology Minor but are officially enrolled in an HRM plan, send your course request to Nadine Quehl. Include your name, student identification number, current year and academic plan(s). 

All others may submit enrolment requests using the Wait List Form

Wait list requests for PSYCH courses offered by the University of Waterloo Psychology Department may be submitted from Monday, April 17th at 9:00am to Wednesday, April 26th at 4:30pm. Earlier or later submissions will not be processed.

After April 26th, enrolment is only available by self-enrolment on Quest.


Do not submit duplicate wait list requests. Doing so does not increase your chances of enrolment and slows the enrolment process for everyone. If you submit duplicate requests, only the last request will be kept. Earlier requests for the course will be deleted which could potentially affect your priority for enrolment.

If a space becomes available for you in the requested course and the enrolment cannot be processed because of a course time conflict and/or a unit load restriction, you will be notified and your name will be removed from the wait list. Once you have resolved the conflict you may submit another wait list request.

Psych Spring 2017 wait list

Further details regarding enrolment in University of Waterloo Psychology courses:

  1. See Department of Psychology policies regarding access to Psychology courses.
  2. All requests for 'course overrides' to waive a course requisite(s), for permissible time conflicts, to exceed course limits, or to exceed reserve caps are consider waiting list requests.
  3. We are not allowed to take enrolment requests by telephone. You must follow the waiting list instructions fully. Incomplete requests will not be processed.
  4. A waiting list request does not guarantee enrolment. Suggest that you enrol in a backup course.
  5. Information regarding the number of waiting list requests received/satisfied for a particular course does not show on the Schedule of Classes.
  6. Waiting list requests will be prioritized at the discretion of the academic advisors in the Psychology Undergraduate Office.
  7. Those on waiting lists will not be informed of their position on waiting lists. Please do not contact us for updates on your wait list status. If we are able to accommodate the request, you will be enrolled in the course and sent a confirmation by email.
  8. If there are openings in a UWaterloo psychology course after waiting list requests have been satisfied, those remaining openings will be made available to students for self-enrolment on Quest up to the deadline for course enrolment (see deadlines on the top of this page). Check Quest frequently for openings.
  9. It is your responsibility to inform us if you want your name removed from any waiting lists. Send an email to with the subject line "Remove from PSYCH course wait list" and provide your name, student identification number, and which course wait list you wish to be removed from.
  10. If your enrolment request is a conditional statement such as 'don’t drop X course unless Y course is added successfully', then use the ‘course swap’ feature on Quest to do that drop/add transaction. If you don’t do that and the course add request is unsuccessful, you might not be able to reenrol in the course that was dropped e.g., course full, spaces reserved for a target group you don't belong to, etc. You can test enrolment (including section changes) using the course swap feature as often as you like.
  11. If the total enrolment in a course equals the enrolment limit for the course, you won't be able to self-enrol in the course because it is fullIf available openings in a course are only available for a target group that you don't belong to (check the enrolments and limits on the reserve caps), you'll get a message from Quest that the course is full and your enrolment request will be unsuccessful. In either case, check Quest frequently during open enrolment for an opening because others are dropping and adding courses also. Remember to use the 'course swap' feature when doing so.
  12. If Quest indicates that 'dept permission is required' to enrol in a course, you can't self-enrol on Quest even if there appears to be an opening in the course because e.g.,
    1. current openings are being saved for those on waiting lists,
    2. course application form is required prior to enrolment (e.g., PSYCH 264, 464, 480-486, 499)

Last updated: March 23, 2017