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"Old" Psychology programs (prior to Fall 2016)

Students are assumed to be following the degree requirements of the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar that was in effect during their admission to the faculty of their current plan.

For example, a student admitted to the Faculty of Arts in Fall 2016 and the Psychology BA major in Fall 2017 is assumed to be following the 2016/2017 calendar.

You can find the calendar requirements for the year you were admitted on the list of undergraduate studies archived calendars.

Students may request to switch to a newer version of the calendar as long as they are enrolled in courses during that calendar year (for example, a student switching to the 2016/2017 calendar must be enrolled in courses Fall 2016 or later). 

As all of our Psychology plans went through major changes in Fall 2016, we have archived old pages for those students who are still following the old plans to reference. Please find the links below.

If you have questions about which calendar you're following, please contact the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor.