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The requirements are for students following a Psychology plan who were admitted prior to Fall 2016.  

Degree requirements for Joint Honours Psychology

Students are assumed to be following the degree requirements of the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar that was in effect when they were admitted to their current plan.  (Choose from the list of archived calendars.) Any information from this website is supplementary. 

The Psychology courses (PSYCH) required for Joint Honours Psychology pre 2016 are the same as for Honours BA Psychology (single Major) with the following exception. Those in the single Major take 9.0 units in psychology whereas those in Joint Honours Psychology take 8.0 units in psychology. The 2 psychology course waivers (1.0 units) for Joint Honours Psychology are determined in consultation with the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor and should be done prior to third year.  

Psychology course waivers do not reduce the overall number of academic units required for the degree.

Refer questions regarding the requirements for the other Major to the appropriate academic advisor.


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Last updated: July 18, 2018