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These requirements are for students admitted to the Faculty of Science prior to Fall 2016. 

Features of Honours Psychology Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Honours BSc Psychology is particularly appropriate for students interested in cognitive neuroscience or cognitive psychology, or who plan to seek professional training in medicine, perhaps with specialization in neurology, psychiatry or pediatrics. A strong background in the 'natural science' areas of psychology would complement a student's preparation for research or graduate work in these fields of study.


Students are assumed to be following the degree requirements of the undergraduate calendar  that was in effect when they were admitted to their current plan.  (Choose from the list of archived calendars for the official statement of Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree requirements.) Any information on this website is supplementary.

Those in Honours BSc Psychology (first Major Psychology) are not allowed to do Joint Honours programs with other Faculty of Science Majors (e.g., Biology, Biomedical Science, etc.). 

Degree Checklist for "Old" Honours BSc Psych

Co-operative system of study

Psychology Departmental Co-op is an option with Honours BSc Psychology (single Major).

Psychology Departmental Co-op is not an option with Joint Honours Science and Psychology (BSc).

If Psychology 'Departmental' Co-op is tagged to Joint Honours BSc Psychology, the first Major must be Psychology. In this case, the second Major would not be in the Faculty of Science.  

See Psychology Co-op for information.

Alternative to Honours BSc Psychology

Joint Honours Science and Psychology (available regular system of study only) may be of interest to you. For further details see:

Other advice

  • Psychology courses are offered by the Faculty of Arts. Therefore, final grades for psychology courses are not included in the cumulative overall Science average.
  • If considering professional programs (e.g., medical school) or graduate programs in science for the future, ensure that you have the appropriate first year and upper year labs associated with courses needed for admission.
  • Students should note that Year-One Physics is a pre-requisite for some professional or graduate programs and is relevant to material covered in some professional and graduate admission tests (e.g., MCAT, OAT). Some upper year, non-Physics courses, require completion of one or more first year Physics courses, including:


Contact a Psychology Advisor

The academic advisor for the Faculty of Science requirements is Josephine Adubafuor.

Last updated: July 18, 2018