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HRM plan requirements changes Fall 2012 - effective Fall 2012 all current HRM academic plans (e.g., HRM Option, HRM Specialization for Psych Majors, and HRM Specialization for Arts & Business) will be replaced with an eight-course HRM Minor (or Diploma for post- and non-degree students).

Students are normally governed by the Undergraduate Calendar in effect at the time they commence their studies at Waterloo, and/or transfer into the Faculty (e.g., the Faculty of Arts which governs the HRM plans). If requirements change, students may continue in their current plan, or may choose to switch to the new requirements. (See full text from the Undergraduate Calendar)

This means that students enrolled in an HRM plan prior to Fall 2012 may complete their current plan requirements or, if they are enrolled in UW courses Fall 2012 or later, may switch to the 2012 requirements. Students switching to the eight-course HRM Minor must complete all course and average requirements as indicated.

Students applying for an HRM plan Fall 2012 or later who are requesting to follow 2008 or 2011 HRM requirements must submit the HRM Application Form (PDF) as well as a Plan Modification Form (PDF).

HRM academic plans
Restrictions for enrolling in an HRM minor

HRM academic plans

  • Human Resources Management Minor
    This HRM Minor may be pursued by students enrolled in degree studies in the Faculty of Arts (e.g., including Three-Year General plans as well as Liberal Studies). Students enrolled in other faculties should review "Restrictions for Enrolling in an HRM Minor" below.
  • Human Resources Management Minor
    (Note: plan requirements revised Fall 2012)

    Students enrolled in any Honours or Four-Year General Major academic plan may pursue a minor designation in Human Resources Management
  • Human Resources Management Option
    (Note: plan discontinued Fall 2012)

    Students enrolled in any General or Honours academic plans (majors and Liberal Studies) in any Faculty may pursue the Human Resources Management Option
  • Honours Psychology - Human Resources Management Specialization
    (Note: plan discontinued Fall 2012)

    Honours Psychology majors (BA or BSc) may pursue the Human Resources Management Specialization
  • Honours Arts and Business - Human Resources Management Specialization
    (Note: plan discontinued Fall 2012)

    Honours Arts and Business students who are not majoring in Psychology may pursue this Human Resources Management Specialization
  • Diploma in Human Resources Management
    Students enrolled in any non- or post-degree academic plan may pursue the Diploma in Human Resources Management

Restrictions for enrolling in an HRM minor

Check the restrictions of your home Faculty regarding enrolment in a Minor plan in the Faculty of Arts effective Fall 2012 (e.g., HRM Minor):

  • Arts Faculty (revised effective Fall 2012): Students enrolled in degree studies may pursue a Minor.
  • Other Faculties (as reported to the Arts UG Office March 2012):
    • Applied Health Sciences: Students enrolled in degree studies may pursue a Minor.
    • Engineering (including Architecture): Students enrolled degree studies may pursue a Minor.
    • Environment: Students enrolled in any Honours plan may pursue a Minor.
    • Mathematics: Students enrolled in degree studies other than Three-Year General Math may pursue a Minor.
    • Science: Students enrolled in Three-Year General Science, Optometry, and Pharmacy may not pursue a Minor. Those in other degree plans may pursue a Minor.

Note: In some cases, those doing two or more academic plans will require more than the usual minimum number of units required for the degree.

Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation

The Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, awarded by the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA), is the national standard for excellence in professional human resources management.

Canadian business relies on Certified Human Resources Professionals to:

  • Link organizational initiatives to HR management
  • Recommend strategic HR solutions
  • Implement best practices
  • Assess situations
  • Provide change management
  • Manage conflict
  • Deliver excellent performance

The CHRP designation is the highest level of qualification in Canadian human resources management and is awarded after the successful completion of the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) and a three-year professional experience assessment by HRPA's Certification Committee. The CHRP designation positions the HR professional at the leading edge of the profession in Canada, enhances their lifetime earning potential, and represents their commitment to professional development throughout their career.

HRPA's certification process has five components:

  1. A membership requirement
  2. A coursework requirement*
  3. An exam requirement
  4. A degree requirement
  5. An experience requirement

*Upon successful completion of the nine required courses (see chart below), students are eligible to write the National Knowledge Exam. HRPA requires an average of 70% in the nine required courses with no individual course achieving lower than 65%. Each course expires ten years after completion.

See the HRPA website for further details.


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HRM Program Director

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