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Daniela O'Neill


Daniela O'Neill.BSc (Toronto), PhD (Stanford)

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UW Centre for Child Studies

Research interests

My research investigates the development of language and cognition in early childhood (1 to 5 years) with a particular focus on children's early use of language (pragmatic language development) and how it is influenced by children's developing understanding of their own and other people's minds (e.g., adapting their communication to take into account different perspectives or knowledge states of communicative partners). My studies examine these developments in communication in a broad sense, and include the study of children's gestures as well as spoken language; the study of children's communication in naturalistic as well as laboratory settings; and the study of children's communicative abilities in many forms such as everyday talk with parents and siblings, peer-to-peer conversation, story telling and story comprehension. My research also includes the development of a standardized parent-report measure - the Language Use Inventory for Young Children: An Assessment of Pragmatic Language Development - intended to provide norm-referenced scores for use in both research and clinical contexts for children 18 - 47 months of age. Canadian standardization of the Language Use Inventory (LUI) has just been completed with over 3500 parents and children from all across Canada

Much more detailed information about my research studies and the Language Use Inventory is available at the website for my research lab, the UW Centre for Child Studies. Here you will also find PDF copies of all my published papers.

I welcome inquiries from undergraduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral students wishing to study in my lab. Inquiries from researchers or clinicians interested in using the LUI are also welcome..I also welcome inquiries from the media regarding my research or related topics..

Publications and Curriculum Vitae

For a full listing of all my published and in press papers, all of which are available for download at the Centre for Child Studies website where this listing is kept up to date.

Daniela O'Neill's Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

University of Waterloo

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