Henri Carlo Santos

Ph.D. Candidate

Henri Carlos SantosSocial Psychology

AB Psychology, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA

Supervisor: Igor Grossmann

Contact information


I did my undergraduate studies at Georgetown University, where I was a research assistant at Yulia Chentsova-Dutton’s Culture and Emotion Lab. While I was there, I helped conduct and analyse studies on cultural differences in giving and receiving advice. Having been born and raised in the Philippines, I also did some research with the University of the Philippines, Diliman on the Filipino trait of recognizing shared humanity in others. I brought together my interests in positive emotions and culture in my honours thesis, where I studied the different conditions for forgiving a transgressor in the Philippines and in the U.S. After receiving my undergraduate degree, I taught Psychology courses as a lecturer at De La Salle University, Manila. While I was there, I also collaborated on research examining the socialization of Filipino youth in the family.

Research interests

I have four major interests: wisdom, affective forecasting, forgiveness, and cultural change. I am mainly curious about psychological processes that help us reason effectively through social dilemmas, strategies which are often called wise. For instance, I am interested in how recognizing the irony of an event could help one reason more pragmatically about it. In addition, I am interested to see how these processes affect both the way we reason and the way we predict our emotions in future social dilemmas. I am also interested in how these forms of reasoning translate to conflict resolution, specifically focusing on giving and receiving forgiveness. With regards to culture, I am interested in how collectivism and individualism have shifted in different countries over time. 

University of Waterloo

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