The Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo is one the largest of its kind in the province of Ontario, and one of the largest and most diverse departments at UWaterloo. We continue to maintain a reputation as one of the top psychology departments in North America.​

At Waterloo you have the chance to learn from award-winning faculty members!  Our faculty members have expertise in several subareas of psychology.  Students have a front row seat to learn about cutting edge research methods, theories, and experimental findings in the science of the mind that frequently attract national and international media attention. Students also have the opportunity to become actively involved in these research activities through apprenticeships in our faculty members' labs.

We are confident that you will find the study of psychology at UWaterloo extremely interesting and that our faculty members will challenge you to achieve your very best.

Psychology majors develop distinctive marketable skills.

Employers expect employees to be able to analyze information and make decisions about problems that arise at work. Employees need to be able to clarify the question, identify the data required, determine methods to obtain the data, and employ analytic techniques to allow one to draw a conclusion. A very good way to acquire these skills is to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Psychology alumni are both numerate and literate. A Bachelor of Arts degree provides students with opportunities to develop a wide variety of marketable skills including interpersonal, oral and written communication, organizational, time management, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. In addition to those skills, those pursuing a Bachelor's degree with a Psychology Major (BA or BSc) develop distinctive marketable skills including:

The degree to which these skills are developed will depend on the specific academic plan in which the student is enrolled (e.g., to a greater degree in Honours Psychology than General Psychology) as well by activities outside the classroom.