pairs of hands interclaspedOne of the primary ways the School aims to advance learning, knowledge, practice and capacity in the fields of public health and health systems is through the continued and increasing strategic collaboration with our partners in health.

There are no ivory towers or disciplinary boundaries, just a determination to produce people, and research that solve big problems. In drafting the School's strategic plan, we consulted widely with partners health promotion, public health, and health care.

Our partners identified six grand challenges for us to incorporate into our research, training, and service:  the prevention and management of chronic diseases; food and water safety, security and governance; health for aging populations; health care system reform and integration; reducing health inequalities; and mitigating the effects of the environment on health. 

They also asked for closer alliances and timely access to world leading faculty and students. 

And, we listened.

To foster innovation and ensure its ongoing relevance, the School of Public Health Systems is collaborating with partners to:

  • Create practice centres where agencies can get timely help from experts, and our students can get experience (i) with complex analyses and analytics; (ii) conducting rigorous scientific and policy reviews; (iii) designing and conducting program and policy evaluations; (iv) devising and testing new health informatics technologies and visualization techniques; (v) designing effective health communication and education, and more.
  • Create joint practice chairs with external partners, scientists in residence, entrepreneurs in residence, visiting professorships, and professional exchanges/interchanges. 
  • Involve more professional leaders in our curriculum and research projects.
  • Offer customized training and professional development for partners.
  • Establish or link to leading edge, multi-disciplinary research centres related to each of the grand challenges. 
  • Develop working relationships with like-minded academic institutions on every continent.