Application for School of Public Health and Health Systems accelerated master's program

Complete the form below - no later than your 3A term - to apply to an accelerated master's program in the School of Public Health and Health Systems.

Before filling in the form, please complete/prepare the items below. Once you begin filling in the form, do not close or leave the form or you may lose your submission and have to begin again.

  1. Read the Accelerated Master's Program requirements in the undergraduate calendar, including requirements for the accelerated master's program to which you are applying, and the conditions for Withdrawal or Failure.
  2. Prepare a 200 word max statement of interest, with specific reference to the admission competencies outlined in the Accelerated Master's Program calendar link above.
  3. Have a PDF copy of your résumé ready to upload. Use naming convention: firstname-lastname-accelerated-master.pdf 

Students who are granted admission will be notified at least one month prior to the end of their 3B academic semester. As in any program culminating in a master's degree, your Faculty supervisor or Faculty advisor is officially appointed on admission.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

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Please provide a brief statement (200 words max) explaining why you are applying to a SPHHS accelerated master's program. Include details regarding any research or professional experience and interests in support of your application. Refer to the detailed admission information for the various master's programs.
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Before uploading, please rename your résumé to firstname-lastname-accelerated-masters.pdf
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By submitting this form I agree/acknowledge that:

The SPHHS Associate Director, Undergraduate Studies and the SPHHS Associate Director responsible for my desired master's program may review my academic transcript(s) and résumé to determine eligibility for admission to the accelerated master's program. 

Conditional admission to an accelerated master's program is dependent upon application and current program enrolment numbers. Meeting the minimum requirements for entry into the accelerated program of: (a) cumulative average of 83%, (b) completion of a minimum of 13 units towards the undergraduate degree, and (c) the various master’s program specific requirements, does not guarantee that I will be accepted for conditional admission to an accelerated master's programs. 

I have read and understand the requirements for the accelerated master's program to which I am applying, and the conditions for Withdrawal or Failure.