What is the role of the organization in the practicum (financial compensation)? 

We encourage the organization to compensate students. Students who are not compensated by their practicum host may apply for financial support (practicum awards) from the department. The amount of funding available and the process to use to apply for practicum awards is available on an internal community site. Students receive access to this site once they are enrolled in the MPH program. A completed Practicum Learning Contract must be in place before the award can be considered.

What are the required/requested qualifications of the field supervisor? 

A supervisor should be experienced in the area of supervision and should be available to mentor the student and have weekly contact with the student.

What is/are the role(s) of the field supervisor? 

Mentoring student; assisting student in preparing a learning contract (reviewing/revising to match needs) at the start of the practicum term; providing a short interim evaluation and a final evaluation of the student; contacting UW academic advisor if needed to discuss any issues. 

How is the student evaluated/what is the field supervisor/organization required to submit? 

The student is evaluated based on the interim and final evaluation reports. Generally students produce some deliverable that is useful to the organization (however intellectual property is the property of the student who produces it unless the organization and student come to another agreement) 

Deadlines - What is the deadline for the organization to request a practicum student from the university/ for a student to apply? 

Generally our practicum terms occur in the Fall or Winter terms, students can be searching for a practicum right up to the start of the term; organizations can post their opportunities to our database and update it as necessary.

How is the practicum arranged? 

Students are responsible for arranging their own practicum placements with guidance from our academic advisors. Once students are enrolled in the program, they are able to browse our practicum database for potential opportunities.

Can I start my practicum before I have completed my coursework?

Students can be enrolled in one elective course while completing the practicum. All core coursework must be completed before beginning the practicum. Exceptions to this policy will be considered in rare cases only. Students must be in excellent standing and will be required to forward an e-mail request to the Associate Director, Professional Graduate Programs, that includes a rationale for the request. Please contact the MPH Practicum Coordinator for details.