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Graduate Student Press Releases

Dieting associated with risky behaviours in teenage girls

hands using knife and fork to cut cigarettes on a plate

As a Master's student, Amanda Raffoul (Public Health and Health Systems) was the lead author on a study that showed that girls who diet are more likely to engage in other health-compromising behaviours. Today, she is pursuing her PhD at the University of Waterloo.

Mandatory nutrition policies may impact sugar consumption

hand holding pop can that is pouring sugarWhile a doctoral candidate in Public Health and Health Systems, Katelyn Godin was the lead author on a study that investigated adolescents' purchase and intake of sugar-sweetened drinks.

Majority of teenagers need food education

Person standing in a kitchen cutting up fresh foodKen Diplock is a Public Health and Health Systems PhD candidate who led a study showing that teenagers need more education about food handling precautions, especially since they are the next generation to work in the food industry. He is now coordinator of the Bachelor of Environmental Public Health program at Conestoga College.

Young hockey players interested in health protein, not French fries

feet of hockey players about to hit hockey puck

PhD candidate Susan Caswell (Public Health and Health Systems) led a study that found that the greasy food being served at hockey rinks isn't really what young hockey players are looking for. 

Obesity could be linked to early childhood behaviour

baby's feet standing on scales showing 86 pounds on display

Katelyn Godin (PhD 2018) found that unhealthy behaviours among youth could be the greatest predictors of issues in adulthood.