globe sitting on top of puzzle pieces

The School of Public Health Sciences advances learning, knowledge, practice, and capacity in the fields of public health and health systems through strategic partnerships and excellence in teaching, research, and service with a focus on trans-disciplinary practice. This trans-disciplinary approach fosters transformative ideas and leaders with the knowledge, experience, competencies, confidence, and connections to solve significant health problems.

By building on current strengths and partnerships, and by expanding our focus, the School of Public Health Sciences is confronting the major health challenges of our generation: chronic disease prevention and management; health and aging; health care system integration, management and informatics; food and water safety, security and governance; health inequity—including poverty and Indigenous health, mental health issues; and health and the environment.

We are rethinking the paradigm of public health and are working to fulfill this mission on four main fronts by:

  1. Conducting rigorous trans-disciplinary research and service clusters in collaboration with other academic units and external partners
  2. Providing opportunities for training and research to explore priority national and global challenges in public health and health systems
  3. Providing greater opportunities and easier access for students to participation in ‘hands-on’ problem-based learning environment; providing new training options
  4. Cultivating networks and partnerships to foster research-to-practice-to-policy opportunities