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This list consists of the name, thesis title and supervisor of Pure Math PhD recipients for the past several years.


Chadi Hamzo

  • Title: Classification of Finitely Generated Operator Systems
  • Supervisor: M. Kennedy


Adam Dor On

  • Title: Techniques in operator algebras: classification, dilation and non-commutative boundary theory
  • Supervisor: K. Davidson

Tyrone Ghaswala

  • Title: The Liftable Mapping Class Group
  • Supervisors: D. McKinnon and D. Park

Blake Madill

  • Title: Contributions to the Theory of Radicals for Noncommutative Rings
  • Supervisor: J. Bell

Ian Payne

  • Title: 2-Semilattices: Residual Properties and Applications to the Constraint Satisfaction Problem
  • Supervisor: R. Willard

Jaspar Wiart

  • Title: Semicrossed Products, Dilations, and Jacobson Radicals
  • Supervisor: K. Davidson


Michael Hartz

  • Title: Nevanlinna-Pick spaces and dilations
  • Supervisor: K. Davidson

Matthew Wiersma

  • Title: Exotic Group C*-algebras, Tensor Products, and Related Constructions
  • Supervisors: B. Forrest and N. Spronk

​Stanley Yao Xiao

  • Title: Some Results on Binary Forms and Counting Rational Points on Algebraic Varieties
  • Supervisor: C. Stewart


Robert Garbary

  • Title: On Local Positivity of Line Bundles on Algebraic Surfaces
  • Supervisor: D. McKinnon

​Alejandra Vicente Colmenares

  • Title: Semistable Rank 2 co-Higgs Bundles Over Hirzebruch Surfaces
  • Supervisor: R. Moraru

Shuntaro Yamagishi

  • Title: Some Additive Results in F_q[t]
  • Supervisor: Y-R. Liu


Jordan Hamilton

  • Title: Generalized Complex Structures on Kodaira Surfaces
  • Supervisor: R. Moraru

Ka Shing Ng

  • Title: Some Aspects of Cantor Sets
  • Supervisor: K.E. Hare


Timothy Caley

  • Title: The Prouhet-Tarry-Escott problem
  • Supervisor: K.G. Hare

Kai Cheong Chan

  • Title: Digraph algebras over discrete pre-ordered groups
  • Supervisor: L.W. Marcoux

Elcim Elgun

  • Title: The Eberlein compactification of locally compact groups
  • Supervisors: B.E. Forrest and N. Spronk

Carolyn Knoll

  • Title: Complexity of classes of structures
  • Supervisor: B. Csima

Omar Leon Sanchez

  • Title: Contributions to the model theory of partial differential
  • Supervisor: R. Moosa

Christopher Ian Ramsey

  • Title: Maximal ideal space techniques in Non-Self adjoint operator algebras
  • Supervisor: K.R. Davidson

Collin Donald Roberts

  • Title: The cohomology ring of a finite Abelian group
  • Supervisors: R. Buchweitz and F. Zorzitto


Laura Raquel Marti Perez

  • Title: The Fourier algebra of a locally trivial groupoid
  • Supervisors: B.E. Forrest and N. Spronk

Adam Fuller

  • Title: Representations of operator algebras
  • Supervisor: K.R. Davidson

Ryan Hamilton

  • Title: Pick interpolation and the distance formula
  • Supervisor: K.R. Davidson