Recent publications from USRA projects

K. Matthews

  • Supervisors: K.E. Hare, K.G. Hare
  • Local dimensions of measures of finite type, J. Fractal Geometry 3 (2016), 331-376.

K. Wu, S. Wu

  • Supervisor: J. Bell
  • The Dixmier-Moeglin equivalence for extensions of scalars and Ore extensions, to appear in Contemporary Mathematics.

R. Ramkumar

  • ​Supervisor: J. Bell
  • Embeddings of quotient division algebras of rings of differential operators, Israel J. Math. 219 (2017), 411-430.

J. He

  • Supervisor: K.E. Hare
  • Smoothness of convolution products of orbital measures on rank one symmetric spaces, Bull. Aust. Math. Soc. 94 (2016), 131-143.

G. McKay

  • Supervisor: K.G. Hare
  • Some properties of even moments of uniform random walks, Integers: Elec. J. Comb. No. Theory, (2016).

K. Chatzidakis, M. Harrison-Trainor

  • Supervisor: R. Moosa
  • Differential-algebraic jet spaces preserve internality to the constants, J. Symbolic Logic, 80 (2015), 1022-1034.

F. Shinko

  • Supervisor: J. Bell
  • Differential polynomial rings over rings satisfying a polynomial identity, J. Algebra 423 (2015), 28-36.

C. Bruggeman

  • Supervisor: K.E. Hare
  • Multifractal spectrum of self-similar measures with overlap, Nonlinearity 27 (2014), 227-256.

M. Panju

  • Supervisor: K.G. Hare
  • Some comments on Garcia numbers, Math. Comp. 82 (2013), 1197-1221.