Reading and graduate courses

Graduate courses taken as a part of an undergraduate degree

  • Undergraduate students may take graduate courses as part of their undergraduate degree. They will be treated as fourth-year courses with respect to degree requirement.
  • Courses at the PMATH 6XX level are cross-listed with the equivalent PMATH 4XX level. Undergraduate students should take the PMATH 4XX course.
  • Courses at the PMATH 7XX level are of equal difficulty to PMATH 4XX courses, but are not cross-listed (except occasionally for pre-enrollment reasons). They should be viewed as equivalent to PMATH 4XX courses. Permission of the Undergraduate Officer is required but always granted so long as the undergraduate student has the necessary prerequisites. 
  • PMATH 701 is not open to undergraduate students.
  • Courses at the PMATH 8XX or PMATH 9XX level are topics graduate courses and are at a higher level of difficulty than PMATH 4XX courses. Permission of the instructor and the Undergraduate Officer is required.

Reading courses in Pure Mathematics

The following guidelines have been adopted by the Pure Mathematics Department with respect to reading courses:

  • The student should be in good standing, normally with an average of 80% or better.

  • Usually such courses are intended for fourth-year students.

  • They are not meant to replace regular course offerings.

  • Reading courses should be at a high level.

  • The student is responsible for finding a professor willing to supervise the reading course.

  • The student and the supervisor should submit a written course description including a description of how the student's mastery of the material is to be determined to the Undergraduate Officer.

  • This submission should be done well in advance of taking the course in case there are questions regarding the proposal.

  • Normally the Pure Mathematics Undergraduate Officer will be responsible for approving reading courses.

The above items are not meant to apply to Pure Mathematics courses that have been converted to a reading course because of, for example, low registration.