Vendor: Bruker

Model: Contour Elite I 3D optical metrology system

Purpose: Optical (non-contact) 3D surface characterization of a wide range of substrates and devices

Equipment description:

The Bruker Contour GT-I microscope is an optical profiler’ a tool capable of generating three dimensional surface scans of a wide range of materials and devices. It uses a fast, a non-contact technique based on optical interference to measure height variations with high accuracy over large areas (up to 1.0 mm X 1.0 mm) in a single measurement. A stitching algorithm can be applied to allow multiple images to be taken and ‘stitched’ into a single image for analysis, such that even larger areas can be measured.

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System features:

  • Motorized X-Y stage positioning
  • 150 mm diameter maximum sample size
  • 100 mm maximum sample height
  • Vision64 software package for automation and analysis
  • 10X and 50X are mounted on a software controlled motorized turret
  • Field of view (FOV) lens 0.55X and 2X

Vertical scanning interferometry (VSI) measurement mode

  • Vertical resolution ~3 nm regardless of objective.
  • Rough surfaces
  • Can handle abrupt steps and surface variations (slope >60°)
  • Low reflectance <0.5%
  • Vertical height limited only by the scanner and objective working distance
  • Tested area always in focus

Phase shifting interferometry (PSI) measurement mode

  • Vertical resolution <0.1 nm
  • Smooth and smoothly varying surfaces
  • Steps less than 130 nm