How do I view my class enrollment results?

  1. Log in to Quest.
  2. Click Course Selection (Undergrad only).
    student's student center academics tab with arrow pointing to course selection (undergrad only) link
  3. Click View My Class Enrollment Results.
    view my class enrollment results tab under course selection (undergrad only tab)
  4. Select the term.
    term selection with example term winter 2013
  5. The following screen capture is an example of a class enrollment results screen. Note: successful and unsuccessful course enrollments display.
    example list of successful and unsuccessful class enrollment results
  6. You will see the following screen when the Course Enrollments haven't been completed.
    Note: The results will become available closer to the drop/add period.
    course enrollments have not been completed
  7. Click Student Center or sign out of the system by clicking Sign out.
    quest system top navigation menu