How do I remove a hold (service indicator) from my account?

A "Hold" is a notice that may affect your use of Quest, or your interaction with the University. If you owe fees or other goods, or have committed an academic offence, you may find a Hold placed on your account.

Holds may prevent you from receiving transcripts, or enrolling yourself using Quest. However, most Holds can be removed. Contact the department(s) listed under the "Contact" heading to resolve any outstanding issues.

  1. Log in to Quest.
  2. Go to Holds and click details.
    student`s student center with box circling details link in hold box on right side
  3. Your holds summary is displayed showing the department(s) to whom you owe money. Click Fees Owing to view the detailed list.
    student's holds item list chart with arrow pointing to example fees owning an amount of 500
  4. Your detailed list is displayed.
    hold item detailed description with instructions of payment