How do I sign up to attend a future convocation event?

Welcome alumni!

We know not having an in-person celebration in June 2020 was disappointing. We still want to celebrate with you and we need to know how many graduands are interested in attending an in-person ceremony.

Please take the time to submit the Request to Attend a Future Convocation Event form in Quest before the September 30 deadline - this will help us with our scheduling and planning.

After signing up, and once details are known, you will receive email communications from the University with information about ceremony dates and action items appearing on the convocation checklist, such as:

  • Renting your gown
  • Arranging accommodation for accessibility needs (if applicable)

Read below to learn how to find the form and some tips for filling it out.

  1. Sign in to Quest.
  2. Select the Academics tile.
    Academics tile in quest
  3. Select the Attend Future Convocation link from the left.
    Attend Future Convocation link
  4. If you are eligible to complete the form (i.e., have been awarded a degree or diploma) it will appear (if not, an error message will be shown). Read all the instructions and information provided.
    • Submission Deadline: Submit the form before the submission deadline listed; after this date, you will be signing up for a different event date.
      Image of form instructions
  5. Review the information we have on file:
    • Name: This is the legal name we have on file.
      Section to verify name
    • Current Address: If it needs to be changed, you should update the Home address in Quest and it will automatically populate on the form.
      Section to verify address
    • Email: Enter a new email address only if you wish communications not be sent to the default account. 
      Section to verify email or enter a different email address in the field
  6. Degree: Select the degree (or diploma) from the list. This will determine which ceremony you will attend and what you are presented with at the convocation event.
    Sample degree drop-down menu
  7. Read and complete the Acknowledgements section, then select the Submit button.
    Sample acknowledgements to review and submit button highlighted
  8. A confirmation message will appear. You can return and edit (degree selection, email account) as frequently as desired until the submission deadline.