Quest moving to Oracle Cloud

About the project

The Quest to Oracle Cloud project will support the move of our student information system Quest from its current on-premises environment to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) environment. The Oracle Cloud offering is pre-configured and tightly integrated with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, the foundation on which Quest is built, and comes with Oracle's database software Cloud Manager, a tool that enables optimization of resources, streamlines processes, and improves performance. 

Leveraging OCI's high-performance computing capabilities to optimize your overall experience

Oracle's next-generation cloud infrastructure will provide a modern, high-performance environment for our Quest system. Leveraging real-time data analytics, the student information system team will be able to quickly scale development and production environments to meet demand. This leading-edge technology will ensure we're in the best position to respond to feature and functionality requests, better supporting and enhancing your overall experience. 

How will this work impact me? 

how will this work impact me?There will be no change to visual elements within Quest, or in how students and/or employees interact with the system. This work will impact Quest's infrastructure only (i.e., work will be completed "behind the scenes").

Important change to data hosting

change to data hostingOnce Quest has been moved to the Oracle Cloud environment, hosting of Quest data will move from the University's on-premises data centres to Oracle Cloud's secure Canadian data centres, hosted in Toronto and Montreal.


Benefits of Oracle Cloud

  • Same Quest system you are familiar with
  • Enhanced security architecture that provides broader geographic redundancy and data centres housed in Canada
  • Compliant with applicable privacy legislation and University policy
  • Cloud customers receive new features and updates first
  • Streamlined management and maintenance processes
  • Better performance
  • Better support for testing environments, which makes it faster and easier to develop new functionality in Quest for users
  • Scalable infrastructure allows us to increase or decrease server resources based on demand
  • Higher availability, meaning less downtime
  • Cost savings (from both a licensing and infrastructure perspective)

Piloting the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Privacy and security review

Prior to testing the Oracle Cloud environment, the Secretariat's office conducted an Information Risk Assessment (IRA) to identify and address potential privacy impacts. Information Security Services also completed a security review of the OCI tools and environment. No privacy or security issues or risks were identified through these reviews and the system was found to be compliant with applicable privacy legislation and University policy. The Quest to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure project was approved to move forward with a proof-of-concept (POC) initiative. 

"Lift and shift" proof-of-concept

Between March and May 2020, a proof-of-concept initiative to "lift and shift" Quest from its on-premises environment to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was successfully completed.

This initiative demonstrated the portability and usability of the complete Quest solution including the app, web, and database tiers, and ensured existing integrations were working once migrated to the Oracle Cloud environment.


Project implementation

In the fall of 2020, the Quest Steering Committee agreed to proceed with the Quest to Oracle Cloud implementation project. The continued privacy and integrity of Quest student information is and will continue to be the project's top priority. A second privacy Information Risk Assessment was conducted and encompassed the full Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment. As with the first, limited IRA, no privacy issues or risks were identified.
This project is taking a security by design approach, where Security Information Services will participate throughout the duration of the project, helping to design and review system configurations, conduct regular security assessments, and review and measure risks against the NIST-800-171 security standard. Summaries of this work will be made available on this site.

Review the privacy and security impact assessments

Use the buttons below to access the Privacy Information Risk Assessment Intake Form, the Privacy Review and Response document, and the security assessment summaries (authentication is required).

Project timeline

  1. 2020
    1. May
      1. Proof-of-concept (POC) completed

        POC completed from March - May 2020

  2. 2021
    1. Feb
      1. Project initiation
        • Information Systems & Technology (IST) and Procurement & Contract Services complete due diligence in reviewing and awarding contract
        • Privavcy Information Risk Assessment (IRA) completed
    2. Apr
      1. Data Steward approval
      2. Architecture review, including security
    3. May
      1. Configuration begins
      2. Configuration and sanity testing
        • Testing to take place from May - September 
      3. Security reviews
        • Security reviews take place throughout May - September 
    4. Oct
      1. Functional and Interface testing begins
      2. Begin transition to operations, including security
        • Transition to take place between October 2021 and March 2022
  3. 2022
    1. Feb
      1. Cut-over to Oracle Cloud

        Will occur over the February 25-27, 2022 weekend

      2. Quest live in Oracle Cloud

Security assessment summaries

This section will be updated as security assessment summaries are made available.

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