The price charged for printing is based on the cost of consumables. You will be charged based on the volume of material used, the resolution you choose, and a minimum of $1.95 build sheet fee. 

Layer Thickness/Resolution 

Pricing for volume of material used is charged on a per inch basis and differs regarding what layer thickness/resolution is chosen: 

All materials and resolutions are currently $8.00/inch3

Layer Thicknesses/Resolutions Undergraduate Students Masters, PhD, Staff, Faculty Members
Standard $9.25/inch3 $8.00/inch3 $12.50/inch3 $8.00/inch3
Enhanced $12.50/inch3 $8.00/inch3 $15.75/inch3 $8.00/inch3


Not all layer thicknesses/resolution are available for each material. The available pairings are as follows: 

  • ABS and PC-ABS Black are available in both the standard and enhanced layer thicknesses.
  • PC-White is only available in enhanced resolution. 

Interior Fill/Density

This setting is in regards how dense you want the inside of your part to be, as the lower the density, the lesser material used. The options offered are:

  • Solid: Fully solid 3D print, 100% in fill.
  • Sparse: Least dense, approximately 30% in fill.
  • Double Dense Sparse: Twice as dense as sparse, approximately 60% in fill.