3D Print Guidelines and Recommendations

Guidelines for Creating 3D Printable Objects

1. Avoid printing curved features on multiple planes

  • Stepping may occur. Due to the thickness of the layers, this may not allow for smooth curves to be printed without stepping.
  • Prints with stepping can sometimes be smoothen out using sand paper.

2. Avoid creating enclosed hollow features

  • The printer will still print filler material inside the features for support.
  • The support material within the hollow feature cannot be dissolved, as the soluble dissolving solution cannot reach the material.
  • If the feature is hollowed to reduce material, the sparse option for interior finish can be selected to minimize material usage.

3. Any features should have a minimum width of 1.5mm.

4. For better structural integrity:

  • Rods/cylinders should have a minimum diameter of more than 4mm.
  • Flat/thinner surfaces should have a minimum thickness of 3mm.

5. Maximum build size of the Stratasys Fortus 360mc is 10" x 10" x 14"