Anxiety experienced by older Canadians regarding cognitive abilities and risk of future declines


Dementia and mild cognitive impairment can affect daily living in a variety of ways.


The purpose of this study was to explore how dementia and mild cognitive impairment can affect daily living in a variety of ways.

Summary of findings

The research study involved a combination of physical and cognitive training for older adults with mild cognitive impairment residing in long term care facilities.

Appointments were frequently forgotten even if written down in calendars and date books. Many participants were anxious about their performance on the assessments and during the training sessions. Developing dementia or further dementia was a real fear for many of these individuals.

This study is still ongoing and the data analysis continues, most participants reported subjective sense of improvement on memory functions and general well being.

Project members: 
Undergraduate Fellow
Faculty Supervisor
Project time line: 
September, 2010 to December, 2010
Last updated: January 08, 2017