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How is it that we are aware of our own speech relative to others? We take our capability for language perception and production for granted each day while we communicate with those around us, sing melodies to songs, and think to ourselves. Older adults report having difficulty in perceiving speech, such as understanding what they are saying themselves or understanding others around them. Monitoring of speech efficiency is important to the aging population because communication is key to the safety, well-being and life satisfaction of these individuals.



Retirement planning is critical for financial security and well-being as people age and the aging of the population adds urgency to this topic. The increasing diversity of family forms in Ontario (i.e., cohabiters, same-sex couples, single parents, and divorced adults) represents another major demographic shift, but little is known about their retirement planning. Previous research shows that mental health, physical health and income are important resources for future-oriented behaviour in general and retirement planning in particular.