SCREEN© (Seniors in the Community: Risk Evaluation for Eating and Nutrition)


Seniors in the Community: Risk Evaluation for Eating and Nutrition (SCREEN©) assessment tool is a questionnaire that assesses nutrition risk in the senior population. SCREEN© I was developed and validated in 1999 by Dr. Heather Keller at the University of Guelph; a revised version, SCREEN© II, has been used since 2004. SCREEN© identifies nutrition problems so that health and quality of life can be maintained or improved. A toolkit and an implementation guide were developed when SCREEN© was launched in the community through an obsolete screening initiative named Bringing Nutrition Screening to Seniors in Canada (BNSS).


The goal was to streamline the toolkit and the implementation guide into a manual for implementing SCREEN© in the community.

Summary of findings

The toolkit and the implementation guide were reviewed and then an outline was developed for the new manual. The information from the two sources was amalgamated into a preliminary draft. Data from the Nutri-e-SCREEN Eating Habits Survey was analyzed and a report consisting figures and statistical analysis was prepared. Survey data of around 4000 participants was collected and sent for analysis including demographic information, answers to questions, start and end time for every questions etc. Analysis of the data provided an overview of who the site helps, what are the nutritional statuses of its users, what are the areas of concern, the percentage of users at risk and so on.

The analysis indicated that majority of the users were below 64 years of age, are women and are referred to the survey through an Internet search. Although evaluation of the website was positive overall, the low number of respondents (for the evaluation questions) make them implausible. In effect, more information on Nutri-e-SCREEN users was gained through the analysis allowing the identification of nutritional habits and risks amongst different age groups.

Project members: 
Undergraduate Fellow
Faculty Supervisor
Project time line: 
May, 2012 to August, 2012
Last updated: January 08, 2017