Collaborative research projects

Retirement planning of sexual minority adults (Principal investigator: Steven Mock.)

Undergraduate student fellowship projects

Below are some examples of fellowship projects undertaken:

Fall 2016

Electronic medication adherence technologies: Classification to guide use in the older adult (Fellow: Maheen Farooqi Supervisor: Tejal Patel)

Inappropriate behavior in Alzheimer’s disease and health-related quality-of-life of retired and near-retired caregivers  (Fellow: Melissa Majone Supervisor: Mark Oremus)

Ready or not: Pharmacist perceptions of a changing scope of practice before it happens  (Fellow: Ai-Leng Foong Supervisor: Kelly Grindrod)

The vulnerability of unattached senior women to poverty in Canada (Fellow: Sean Ruby Supervisor: Lori Curtis)

Spring 2016

Characterization of dual-task performance in the elderly (Fellow: Alia Rashid. Supervisor: Ewa Niechwiej-Szwedo)

Winter 2016

Usage and acceptance of smart wearable devices in older adults (Fellow: Ryan Chu. Supervisor: Joon Lee.)

Fall 2015

Retirement planning among diverse family forms (Fellow: Ben Chan. Supervisor: Steven E. Mock.) 

Spring 2015

Winter 2015

Fall 2014

Fall 2013

Effects of aerobic exercise on oddball detection in older adults (Fellow: Jenna Gilbert. Supervisor: Richard Staines.)

Trends in wellbeing of older adults: A provincial comparison based on the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (Fellow: Ripudaman Singh Kohli. Supervisor: Bryan Smale.)

Developing a low cost data acquisition system to monitor interaction with rollators (Fellow: Shardul Upadhyay. Supervisor: Jan Huissoon.)

Spring 2013

Fall prevention and perception of physical demands of work (Fellow: Daniel Martel. Supervisor: Andrew Laing.)

Bioactive fatty acids in neuroinflammation and brain health (Fellow: Emily Button. Supervisor: Robin Duncan.)

Winter 2013

Activity in the community and retirement living (Fellow: Brittany Intzandt. Supervisor: Laura Middleton.)

Perceptions of medication management mobile apps in adults 50 years of age and over (Fellow: Melissa Li. Supervisor: Kelly Grindrod.)

Fall 2012

Assessing older people’s awareness of medications as risk factors for falls (Fellow: Nicole Seymour. Supervisor: Carlos Rojas-Fernandez.)

The health status and health insurance coverage of female baby boomers as they move into retirement (Fellow: Anchal Bhatia. Supervisors: Lori Curtis, Kathleen Rybczynski.)

Spring 2012

SCREEN© (Seniors in the Community: Risk Evaluation for Eating and Nutrition) (Fellow: Anjali Pandya. Supervisor: Heather Keller.)

Analysis of the effect of rotator cuff impingements on upper limb kinematics in an elderly population during activities of daily living (Fellow: Tyler Allen. Supervisor: Clark Dickerson.)

Fall 2011

Variation in planar area movements in healthy individuals - influences of hand dominance and task type (physical tool vs. pantomime) (Fellow: Allison Engelhardt. Supervisors: Eric Roy, Clark Dickerson.)

Spring 2011

An examination of the impact of sexual orientation, marital status, and gender on the retirement planning of Canadian adults (Fellow: Saad Shakeel. Supervisor: Steven Mock.)

Physical activity profiles, preferences, and willingness to pay for exercise programming among postmenopausal women with or without osteoporosis (Fellow: Cameron Moore. Supervisor: Lora Giangregorio.)

Fall 2010

Characterizing the shoulder physical abilities of independently living retirees: influences on quality of life, built environments, and future living space designs (Fellow: Karen Ma. Supervisor: Clark Dickerson.)

Commercial flooring surfaces and correlation with injuries related to falls (Fellow: Michal Nicholas Glinka. Supervisor: Andrew Laing.)

Physical activity in the elderly and its relationship to the built environment and cardiovascular health (Fellow: Katelyn Fraser. Supervisor: Richard Hughson.)

Anxiety experienced by older Canadians regarding cognitive abilities and risk of future declines (Fellow: Kimberly Bowman. Supervisor: Safa Elgamal.)

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