Information Management & Technology (under development)

Records of the management of the University's information collections and systems, and IT infrastructure.

Note: the records retention schedules listed below are currently under development. Please contact the University Records Manager for more information.

IM10 – Information Systems & Technology Management
Records of the selection/acquisition, development, administration, daily operations and maintenance of the University's information and telecommunications systems, IT infrastructure, and associated services.

IM20 – Information Systems & Technology Support (includes Personal Information Bank)
Records of information systems and technology support services provided to the University community.

IM30 – Information Security
Records of the planning and management of information systems and technology security.

IM40 – Information Access & Privacy (includes Personal Information Bank)
Records relating to the University's compliance with access to information and protection of privacy legislation. 

IM50 – Data & Analytics Services
Records of services to the University community provided by data management & analysis specialists. 

IM60 – Information Collections Management
Records of the creation or acquisition, and management of the University’s information collections.

IM70 – Information Collection Users (Personal Information Bank)
Records of service interactions with individual users of University information collections supporting teaching, learning, and research, and their use of these collections.