University Relations & Advancement (under development)

Records of relationships with external constituents and stakeholders, and to internal and external communications.

Note: the records retention schedules listed below are currently under development. Please contact the University Records Manager for more information.

UR10 – Public Relations & Communications

  • Records of the design, production, and distribution of information assets supporting and strengthening the University's brand and reputation.

UR20 – Convocation

  • Records of the University’s convocation ceremonies.

UR30 – Special Events, Activities, & Conferences (includes Personal Information Banks)

  • Records of the planning and execution of events and activities which supplement the University’s services and academic programs.

UR40 – Activities & Programs for Young People (includes Personal Information Banks)

  • Records of University activities and programs for children and teenagers, such as child care services, camps, workshops, and special events.

UR50 – Alumni Relations & Services

  • Records of services to alumni, encouraging their continuing involvement and participation with the University.

UR60 – Advancement & Development Services

  • Records of development campaigns and other programs and activities to foster relationships with individual and corporate sponsors, and to encourage donations to the University.

UR70 – Alumni & Donor Case Files (Personal Information Bank)

  • Records of alumni and donors (individuals and corporations) and their relationship with the University.

UR80 – Government Relations

  • Records of the University’s relationships and interactions with federal, provincial, regional and municipal government stakeholders.

UR90 – Inter-Institutional Relations

  • Records of relations between the University and other universities, professional associations, and other external institutions and organizations.