Anti-Racism Efforts

The Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies (RLS) has a responsibility to pay attention to past and current injustice and racism, to confront it, and to actively participate in the creation of a more fair and equitable society.

For those who defer, the habit can place the accountability that is all of ours to bear onto select people – and, more often than not, a hyper-sanitized and thoroughly fictional caricature of them.  – Olúfémi O. Táíwò

RLS Anti-Racism Faculty Collective

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Commitments & responsibilities

The following commitments serve as an anchor statement for all of our relations and activities (research, teaching, and service) in RLS and beyond, including the actions of the Anti-Racism Faculty Collective. While our commitments will be modelled by faculty, the intent is to draw graduate and undergraduate students in as partners who will also lead with our commitments in mind (or already embody this orientation and thus, feel enabled and supported by our department).

  1. We acknowledge systemic oppression is real and acts in ways that are dismissive, harmful, and violent to individuals affected by intersectional oppressions.
  2. We refuse to let fragility, self-soothing, or mere performative allyship hinder learning, action, and support for individuals within our RLS community.
  3. We refuse to ignore accumulated erasures that perpetuate inequitable opportunities for personal development.
  4. We privilege our relations with each other, the community at large, and the environment guided by love, care, resource sharing, and action.
  5. We value dialogue as praxis in strengthening our bridges to community and in creating bridges to power in relation(s) with those unjustly targeted by status quo. We are responsible for our justice-seeking efforts and hold a process of mutual accountability among us all as the driving force for our relations and action.
  6. We enact hope for change by strengthening practices that take a stand against systemic injustice by refusing indifference, discrimination, and hate.
  7. Above all else, we value difference, well-being, and the fullest expression of self; and work to dismantle barriers in our learning environments that pose hinderances to these values.

With these commitments, folks who work in RLS recognize that our commitments will always be entangled with structures and oppressions that act with racism (e.g., colonization, sexism, capitalism). In being anti-racist, we strive to acknowledge and challenge these oppressions in our steadfast commitment to anti-racist efforts.


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