Event Manager, Modrobes Sustainable Garment Company

Moderobes Sustainable Garment Company at a tradeshowAfter a high school career full of sports teams, student council, and volunteer days, the Recreation program at Waterloo seemed like a natural fit for Lynn Moffatt. She viewed the program as a perfect way to pursue her passion for working with people. She has taken that passion and combined it with a strong business background to launch a successful career.

Lynn is the Event Manager for Modrobes Sustainable Garment Company, a Canadian-owned organization that produces technical sportswear made from recycled materials, using clean and efficient production processes that are safe for people and the environment. As the Event Manager, Lynn is responsible for getting recognition in the marketplace. She manages the company’s presence at tradeshows and other events in order to gain exposure to Modrobes’ target market.

When not at events, Lynn is in the retail store, filling wholesale orders, managing inventory, and finding creative ways to merchandise the shop. She also manages customer relations on the company’s online store, and oversees Modrobes’ brand image on Twitter and Facebook.

The know-how to tackle these varied responsibilities came during her time in Recreation and Business. “I learned how to manage people and attitudes, and how to offer memorable experiences all at the same time.  I use this as a basis for all of the decisions I make,” Lynn explains.

Lynn also learned that life should not be all work and no play. A self-described “professional REC’er” Lynn takes time out to pursue her varied interests. An avid cyclist, she is involved in several community development/environmental organizations as an advocate for active transportation. She also explores music, media and performing arts in SidePonyNation, a musical performance duo with fellow alumna Tanya Casole-Gouveia.

Deciding what you want to do with your life can seem a little overwhelming, but as Lynn shows, pursuing your passion is a great first step to a rewarding career.

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