About the Recreation Committee

The University of Waterloo Recreation Committee (UWRC) was established in April 2004 to enrich the quality of life of uWaterloo employees (faculty, staff, union and retirees). The goals of uWaterloo Recreation Committee are:

  • To enhance the quality of life on campus by providing opportunities that will encourage participation from all uWaterloo employees.
  • To plan events/activities and create new events/activities year round for the benefit of uWaterloo employees.

This committee was created under the guidance of Catharine Scott, Associate Provost, Human Resources and Student Services in 2005. The founding/honorary members are as follows:

  • Tim Ireland
  • Verna Keller
  • Terri McCartney
  • Nancy O'Neil
  • Brad Vogt (deceased)

We encourage employees to contact us with events that interest them. Watch for UWRC events announced on the Daily Bulletin. We are here to unite the campus via fun, entertaining, and informative means.