Registrar's Office Strategic Plan

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Two versions of our strategic plan are available: the Registrar's Office Strategic Plan (pdf) version and the html version below.

The Strategic Plan of the Registrar's Office 2014-2018

The Registrar's Office engages with Waterloo students at every stage in their journey from prospect to alumni. We are a mission-critical support organization that materially facilitates the mandate of the University; we identify, nurture, support, and celebrate with our leaders of today and tomorrow. This document aligns with the University's strategic plan and describes our mission and goals for the next five years. We intend to champion specific initiatives within our mandate and collaborate with campus partners as we define a distinctive future together.

This plan is a collaborative work that is informed by and was contributed to by all of the operational teams within the Registrar’s Office; it is also a reflection of the critical roles we will play as the University of Waterloo delivers on the vision described in the overall strategic plan. We are up to the challenge!

Over the next five years, we will continue delivery of outstanding services and support while relentlessly pursuing improvement across our organization. We will strategically position Waterloo in the minds of students and influencers. We will identify prospective new students and inspire them to join us at Waterloo. We will professionally manage many thousands of applications each year with a keen appreciation of the dreams and aspirations linked to those applications. We will conscientiously manage course requests, schedule classes, administer final examinations, maintain academic records, and monitor progress as we help prepare students to graduate. We will identify meritorious academic performance and reward it with scholarships. We will proactively identify students with financial need and link them to suitable financial aid. We will diligently manage thousands of in-person and virtual requests, solving problems and connecting students with appropriate campus services. Finally, we will celebrate with our graduates and their families at each convocation ceremony that we plan and execute.

We are keenly aware of the interdependencies inherent in our role as a critical infrastructure organization within the University of Waterloo. Success for our organization is and will continue to be driven by close collaboration and open communication with students, alumni, faculty, staff, and other on and off campus stakeholders and influencers. This interdependency was made abundantly clear in the many stakeholder interviews, discussions, and candid comments that were formative parts of our strategic planning process. We at the RO are grateful for the insights and ideas provided throughout this process by our valued campus partners.

As the whole campus community collectively pursues recognition as one of the top innovation universities in the world, the Registrar’s Office will be engaged and involved every step of the way.

Kenneth A. Lavigne
Registrar (former)
December 2013