Time to Declare Extra Plans

Monday, May 9, 2022

Is this your last academic term? Thinking of graduating in October 2022? If so, we need to ensure all your desired academic plans are recorded in Quest before you apply to graduate (application form will open on Monday, June 20).Why?

  • Your transcript will show you enrolled in your correct plan(s) during this last term.
  • It may help you make any last minute changes to your term's class schedule.

Not sure what is on file? Sign in to Quest and navigate to the My Academics tab. You'll see all your currently recorded academic plans listed on the right.

Need to make a change or declare something new - possibly a specialization, minor, option, second major? Complete a Plan Modification Form and submit it, along with all appropriate academic advisor signatures, by no later than Friday, May 27.

Note: If your program does not allow additional plans, you may disregard this email.

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