You can now view and change your fall 2021 class schedule

Monday, July 26, 2021

View your class schedule

Your fall 2021 class schedule will be available in Quest on Wednesday, July 28. See how to view your schedule.

Some specifics about your fall term schedule

You may have courses that are held online, in-person, or a combination of both (blended).

  • In-person course activities are indicated by having a room and building assigned.
  • Online course activities are either asynchronous or synchronous (have scheduled time to meet online); however, if you are unable to attend the scheduled times, alternate arrangements may be made.
  • View your asynchronous online course activities in the "list" view, or below the weekly calendar view table.

Need to make changes to your schedule?

You can do so during the Drop/Add Period, which begins with personalized enrolment appointments (a dedicated window of time in Quest, staggered over specific days), then continues for everyone until the last day to add classes.

Start planning ahead

Contact if you have questions.

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