Religio- is a blog-style publication curated by doctoral students of the joint Laurier-Waterloo PhD program, Religious Diversity in North America. Once a month, a student in our program will publish with Religio- on either a subject that relates to their own research interests and/or that reflects current issues and events more broadly, including news items, public lectures and conferences, exhibits, and more. This project provides a virtual space for our graduate students to publish creative and timely content in a sophisticated online venue to reach new audiences while maintaining a commitment to knowledge production, academic rigour, and public intelligibility.

Call for Posts 2019

Call for Posts 2019

What is Going on in Room 104? Mormons and Mainstream Perceptions

Screenshot of Room 104 Missionary Episode

Room 104 is a series from HBO created in 2017 by Jay and Mark Duplass. The series centres on a motel room, with each episode exploring the titular room’s new occupant(s). With a background in Mormon Studies and an interest in religion and popular culture, I was hooked when...

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