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Fair trade tea and coffee

We serve fair trade products everyday.  Fair Trade helps farmers and their families make a better living by ensuring they are paid a decent price for their products, and sustainable environmental practices are implemented.  You get world class quality and the workers get quality of life.

Labyrinths at the Ministry Centre – A metaphor for life’s journey 

Labyrinths offer opportunities to breathe, celebrate, and let go.  We have a full size floor labyrinth set up in St. Bede's Chapel at Renison from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month - drop by for purposeful wandering, reflection and contemplation. 

If you are visiting Renison, enter St. Bede's Chapel off the parking lot.  We also have lap size finger labyrinths for use in the Ministry Centre, as well as supplies to make your own. 

Want to know more about labyrinths?  Check out the lessons4living or grace cathedral webpages. And watch for news of a labyrinth workshop to be held this fall (email Megan if you'd like to be more information about this.)

Seasonal prayers

Before Christmas and Easter there are prayers on Tuesdays, from 10:15 – 10:30 am in the Ministry Centre.  

Journals & resources for reflection

In this busy world, where many of us are connected via our phones & social media 24/7, it is important to take time for solitude and individual reflection.

We have a large selection of prayer and devotional books that you can borrow - for a day or for the term. Megan also has blank journals in her office that you can have for free. Drop by and pick out one from the box!

And don't forget to check our Facebook page for all kinds of links to journaling resources, daily prayer sites, information on mindfulness meditation, etc.

The resource library at the Ministry Centre also has books, articles, and audio-visual resources available for loan on topics such as prayer & meditation, Church history and study of scripture.

Exam study br​eak: 

The Ministry Centre remains open 24/7 throughout the exam period. We have hot chocolate, cookies & candy, plus assorted games, puzzles, art supplies – all to help you take a break.  Come for five minutes, or for an hour – whatever works for you . . .

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