Faith and the Feminine: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim perspectives

All are welcome to participate in these multi-faith presentations and conversations.  Events co-sponsored with Renison University College's Studies in Islam.

Understanding the feminine in our Scriptures

Sunday October 21

Explore three scriptural approaches to gender justice.  Highlights will include:  exploring the feminine in the scriptures, and the impact of patriarchy on scholarship and teaching.

Examining the social and cultural meaning of the feminine in our traditions

Saturday November 10

Examine the intersection and overlap of faith and culture from the early history of each faith tradition to the current status of women of faith living in trans-border, pluralistic communities such as Canada.

Reclaiming the Feminine in our faith traditions

Saturday December 1

Explore the contributions of women in religious leadership and scholarship in each faith tradition.   Themes may include:  ways in which women of faith are reclaiming their history, redefining leadership in communities, and responding to challenges posed by visible and invisible religious structures.

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Women from each of the three faith traditions.

Date & location:

Dunker Family Lounge, Renison University College

3 to 5 pm, refreshements begin at 2:30 pm


$5 session; students - half price