Old Testament

Victor always does an excellent job.  Seeing his name as an instructor is a high recommendation for a course.  

Course descrip​tion: 

Cover of "Reading the Old Testament" by Lawrence Broadt

  • explore the major themes of Hebrew Scripture as reflected in the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings.
  • you are encouraged to read selected portions of Scripture between sessions and be prepared to discuss assigned passages.
  • combination of lecture and discussion, utilizing the Hebrew concept of Midrash to interpret passages of particular interest.
  • further explore the Dead Sea Scrolls and the value of Hebrew Scripture for Christians.

Required text: 

Reading the Old Testament by Lawrence Boadt, Paulist Press, 1984, ISBN-13:  978-0-8091-2631-6

Recommended texts:

Berlin, Adele & Marc Zvi Brettler, ed., The Jewish Study Bible, Tanakh Translation (Oxford University Press, 2004) ISBN 0-19-529751-2 or Harper Collins Study Bible (NRSV) ISBN 13 978-0-06-078685-4

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The Rev'd Victor Kischak

Dates and location:  

6 Saturdays, scheduled to be offered in 2018/19.

10 am to 3:00 pm, refreshments begin at 9:30 am

Renison University College


$250, HST included

Completion of the Old Testament Course is required for the Certificate in Christian Studies.