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Reformation, Turmoil, and Religious Experience: Tending Contemporary Expressions

About every five hundred years the empowered structures of institutionalized Christianity . . . must be shattered in order that renewal and new growth may occur.

Phyllis A. Tickle, The Great Emergence:  How Christianity is Changing and Why. 

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The Reformation emerged 500 years ago in a time of turmoil leading to reform; we are once again living in a time of massive upheaval.  

Be part of a one day conference filled with opportunities to be re-formed. Experience creative expressions of worship, music, preaching, spirituality, and justice.  Register by June 9th.

Morning Worship with song and the Inshallah Choir

Keynote address, Mere Christian, with Michael Coren

Workshops (offered in the morning and repeated in the afternoon)

Also - closing worship plus book tables, food, and lively conversation.

This observation of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 is co-sponsored by Renison University College (Anglican) and Waterloo Lutheran Seminary and is open to all.

P.S. The good news, said Tickle, is that each 500 years when a shake-up happens a new, more vital form of Christianity is birthed, the older expression of the Church is renewed, and the Christian faith spreads.

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rise up paintingRise Up!                                 Painting by Dr. Wendy Fletcher

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Date & location: 

17 June 2017, 9 am to 4 pm, at Renison University College.

Doors open at 8:30 am for registration and refreshments.

Keynote Speaker:

Micheal Coren


The Artistic Imagination as Pathway to Spiritual Vitality and Integration - Wendy Fletcher

Striving for Ethical Settler Allyship: Biblical Witness to Inspire - Jennifer Henry

Singing Together as a Re-forming Practice - Debbie Lou Ludolph

Renewing our ​Preaching - Victor Kischak


$50, includes HST, lunch and parking.

Register by June 9th.