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Meal plan

Healthy, hear​ty eating

group of students sharing a meal in the great hallRenison's caf​eteria offers 19 meal times per week:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday to Friday
  • Brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday

Our meal plan permits six passes (two per meal) through our servery per day. 

The pay-one-price meal plan ensures that you will have plenty to eat without worrying about money or a declining card balance.

The advantage of a six-swipe-a-day meal plan is that you never worry about going hungry or being on a tight budget. What this means is that at any point in the day (within cafeteria hours) you may get as much food as you want, and you can do this six times per day! You're sure to love the variety of both wholesome food and traditional comfort foods.

The meal plan at Renison University College is included in your residence fees.