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Supports for residents

Renison University College is an extremely supportive place to line on your own for the first time. We have the lowest don to student ratio on campus, meaning there are a larger number of upper-year students trained to be resources for you than anywhere else! On top of this, there are many living-learning groups, social workers, a Chaplain, and other supportive staff in the same building. We are here to help!

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Student services social worker One-on-one don interaction
One-on-one chaplain support Social Development Studies living learning community
Warrior Academic Leadership Community Student Success Office
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Student services social worker

We are committed to the provision of exceptional, unique and individualized student support services at Renison. We recognize and respond to the holistic (emotional, physical, social, spiritual and legal) needs of each person.

We believe that everyone who comes for service has well-developed skills and strengths for survival, growth and change. We recognize and respect that individuals are the experts of their own lives. We work from an anti-oppressive framework in which the student and social worker work collaboratively around the issues brought to the sessions. Together we will work to support and promote informed decisions.

Scope of service includes:

  • Counselling & support
  • Groups/workshops
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Referrals to appropriate campus and/or community resources

Services are available to students living in residence and/or registered here at Renison (including the MSW program). Students can access up to 4-6 sessions of individual counselling per term. 

For more information about our services, please contact:

Reta Franci 

519-884-4404 ext. 28736

Renison room 2303

One-on-one don interaction

Because we have the lowest don-to-student ratio on campus, you'll get a chance to truly know your Don, making it easy to ask for help. 

Dons are upper year students who have been trained extensively in first aid, fire safety, communication skills, dealing with roommate conflicts, and handling disciplinary problems. Renison is proud to offer the lowest ratio of students to dons at the University of Waterloo: there is an average of 21 students per don. This means a couple of things. 1) that our floors are small making it easy for students to feel included and part of a family and 2) that there is an upper year student just a few doors down the hall.

The dons work very hard at making a close knit community on their floor They plan many activities to get students acquainted on their own floor and other floors around the college. Early in the term you will soon find the dons have an open door policy to lend a helping hand. 

Visit our Don page to learn more!

One-on-one chaplain support

picture of megan collings moore chaplainLooking for someone to talk to? Our welcoming Chaplain Megan is always ready to listen. She's also right on-site, with an office in the Luscott Ministry Centre (which offers free cookies, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to any student!) Or join in one of the chaplaincy programs - details on the Chaplaincy page...

Social Development Studies Living-Learning Community

If you're in Social Development Studies, this residence should definitely be high on your list. You can live near other SDS students and navigate your first year together. Looking for even more support? SDS Peer Leaders keep in close contact with you and your classmates, organizing study sessions and giving you first-hand advice about your program. Visit the SDS living learning site for more information and how to apply! 

Warrior Academic Leadership Community (WALC)

Love sports? Live with like-minded individuals who share your interests as well as your busy academic and athletic schedule. Participate in events targeted towards athletes, and develop your leadership skills. Visit the Warrior Academic Leadership Community (WALC) site for more details!

Student Success Office

Waterloo provides students with amazing resources, opportunities and support through their Student Success office. Student Success offers a variety of programs, including workshops, volunteer opportunities, success coaching, advice for parents, study sessions, peer mentorship programs and more! This incredible service is open to all Renison students. Visit the Student Success site to learn more. 

Offices and services

Waterloo offers a wide range of services for all students. These include: AccessAbility ServicesGLOW Center for Sexual and Gender DiversityFinance Assistance for StudentsHealth ServicesHousing & ResidenceSafety OfficeStudent AwardsCounselling ServicesWomen's Center and more!

Visit the home page of Offices and Services for a full list of services offered.