COVID-19 Updates

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Upper-year residents

students hanging out in their residence roomRenison University College has a diverse and vibrant residence community, which includes not only first-year students, but also upper-year and international students. Upper-year students are valued members of the community, as their experience and maturity help guide younger students. Moreover, upper-year students are often sought out for leadership positions within residence and the greater Renison community.

Applying to residence at Renison is an easy process! All that is required is for the student to fill out the application form and pay a deposit of $500.

To be considered for residence, a student must be taking a full course load at either Renison University College or the University of Waterloo.

Please note: preference will be given to students who are applying for Fall/Winter semesters or Fall/Spring semesters. Room allocation will be based on current availability.

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