Waterloo listed in the top ten universities in the world to produce billion dollar startups

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The only one from Canada in the top ten (tied for 9th)...

stockmarket unicornsThe University of Waterloo was featured in the top ten list of universities in the world to produce billion dollar startups according to research done by Sage UK titled Unicorn League. The story was picked up by both Business Insider and University Herald last week. The articles traced unicorn companies (defined as startup companies with billion dollar valuations) back to their founders and the universities they attended. 
The University Herald article offers an explanation: “Startups that become billion dollar businesses are rare and most of the people behind these successes graduated or were educated from certain universities. The capability of these institutions to produce billionaires is no fluke because it did not happen once but many times.”
According to Business Insider, "Verve Search identified 242 startups that were worth $1 billion or more as of December 2016. The company credited the alma mater as the university where each founder had worked toward or attained their most advanced degree."