Learning Resources

The Centre for Dialogue and Spirituality in the World’s Religions offers:

  1. SEMINARS/LECTURES: The Centre will offer seminars and lectures from time to time. Watch for information on these activities. Personnel associated with the Centre are also available for workshops, seminars and lectures on a wide range of topic including dialogue, pluralism, christianity and other faiths, or any of the world religions. If interested, contact mdbryant@uwaterloo.ca 
  1. PUBLICATIONS: The Centre will publish materials on dialogue and spirituality from time to time. Currently, M. Darrol Bryant’s Religion in a New Key is available along with M. Darrol Bryant & S. A. Ali’s Muslim Christian Dialogue. To purchase either, contact mdbryant@uwaterloo.ca
  1. LEARNING DVDs:  The Centre will produce learning DVDs.  Our first DVDs are now available on India’s Festivals and Music and a documentary entitled Voyage of Gratitude. We are working on DVDs concerning Japanese Religious Traditions, the Kumbha Mela, Machu Picchu. To learn about our first DVDs read the following:

There are now two DVDs available from CDSWR.

crowded templein a temple

1. Festivals and Music of India: Holi at Vrindaban & Qawwli at Nizammudin

This 50-minute DVD takes you into the spring festival of Holi, the Festival of Colours, as it unfolds in Vrindaban in North India.  Vrindaban is an important centre for devotion to Krishna & Radha.  Consequently, here in Vrindaban, this Festival revolves around Krishna and Radha.

It also takes you into the world of Qawwali, a form of Sufi singing that is sung at the shrine of a Sufi saint.  The Qawwali singing seen here is from the shrines of Hezrat Nizam ad-din Awliya, a 14th century Sufi Saint after whom this area of New Delhi is named, and from the shrine of Hezrat Inayat Khan, a 20th century Sufi.  The Qawwali singing at the Inayat Khan centre is by the Mehraj group, India’s leading Qawwali singers.

The material seen in this documentary DVD was shot in 2004 by Professor Bryant while in India with a group of fifteen students.  He is also the narrator for the intentionally sparse narration on the DVD.  The DVD was edited by Michael Hough, a multimedia graduate from McMaster University.  The DVD includes some additional material from Vrindaban and the abandoned city of Fatepur Sikri, built by Akbar in the 16th Century.  A PDF file on the DVD provides background information on the Festival of Holi in Vrindaban and on Qawwali singing at Nizammudin.

2. Voyage of Gratitude

This DVD documents the “Voyage of Gratitude,” a week-long voyage on a Turkish gulet/boat in the Mediterranean off the south coast of Turkey.  Led by a Finnish spiritual teacher, Lauri Siirala, it sought to explore the spiritual foundations of gratitude while cruising in these waters.  

Lauri Siirala is a long-time friend of Professor Bryant, who was a participant in the week long 2005 Voyage and filmed their journey.  The “Voyage of Gratitude” is a voyage through the sea that Homer called “wine dark ” and into our spirituality.  The narration is by Darrol Bryant and the editing was done by Michael Hough.  It is a lovely documentary that includes a PDF file accessible when viewed on a computer.

on a boatlandscape shot