Student life moments that make nice opportunities for future Friendversaries

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Renison students at Coffee House eventIf you’re on Facebook, you’re familiar with the Friendversary slideshow of pictures commemorating the history of a pair of friends. Rewind to the 20th century, and you see things such as friendship scrapbooks, mixed tapes, and even photo albums that served the same purpose in a much lower tech way. 

Such tools take us back to happy, positive times that we remember fondly. Pictures tell a story, capturing memories in a neat package we can always treasure.

Events such as Renison’s Coffee House are the perfect memory-making opportunity showcasing the talents and energies of our students. The latest pictures will be posted to Renison's Facebook page. Feel free to tag yourself and your friends so that you can share these memories in a few years!

Renison’s Residence is centrally located on the Campus of the University of Waterloo. 220 residents from all University of Waterloo’s faculties make up the small intimate community for which Renison is known.