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Confucius Institute

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The Confucius Institute at the University of Waterloo is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the Chinese language, culture, studies and business.

What does the Confucius Institute do?

The Confucius Institute offers non-credit courses year round to all members of the community. We organize international conferences, trips to China for students, arts performances, and public events. Our events have included inviting scholars to give presentations on Chinese culture, history, literature, and business; hosting Chinese language competitions; and having Chinese movie nights.

Renison is working on a renewed agreement with the Confucius Institute

At its meeting Wednesday June 24, 2105, the Board of Governors of Renison University College discussed the action taken by the University of Waterloo to withdraw from partnership in the work of the Confucius Institute (CI). Since 2008, the CI has functioned on campus through a partnership of Nanjing University, the University of Waterloo, and Renison University College.

The Board voted unanimously to support the continuing work of the CI at Renison. As the home of East Asian Studies among others, Renison is an institution which values and works daily in the field of inter-cultural communication and discourse. We understand the Confucius Institute to be an important part of that work.

As the necessary vehicle for the continuation of this work, the Board mandated the Principal to seek new agreements toward that end. A new agreement between Hanban and Renison, as well as an agreement with a Chinese University partner are required.

Since its inception in 2008, the Chair of the Confucius Institute Board of Directors has been the Associate VP International of the University of Waterloo.  Once the new agreements are in place, the Board will be re-constituted with the Principal of Renison University College serving as the Board Chair.

Wendy Fletcher
Principal and Vice-Chancellor 

Why is the Confucius Institute at Renison?

The Institute builds on the long-established East Asian Studies program at Renison, and because of this connection the Confucius Institute is housed in the East Asian Studies Centre.

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The Confucius Institute is funded by The Office of Chinese Language Council International, commonly referred to as Hanban. 

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See how the Confucius Institute brings two cultures together through symposiums, traditional celebrations, and student trips to China.