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Confucius Institute in WaterlooThe Confucius Institute at Renison University College is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the Chinese language, culture, studies and business.

What does the Confucius Institute do?

The Confucius Institute offers non-credit courses year round to all members of the community. We organize international conferences, trips to China for students, arts performances, and public events. Our events have included inviting scholars to give presentations on Chinese culture, history, literature, and business; hosting Chinese language competitions; and having Chinese movie nights.

Visit to China leads to renewed agreement between Renison and Confucius Institute

Shanghai International Studies University (SHISU) and Renison University College have signed a cooperation agreement to sponsor the Confucius Institute in Waterloo.

On December 7, 2015, during the 10th Global CI Conference held at the Shanghai Expo Conference Center, SHISU and Renison signed the Cooperation Agreement to build the CI in Waterloo. Hanban Director Xu Lin attended the signing ceremony and spoke with the delegates from both parties. Renison Principal Wendy L. Fletcher and Chancellor Feng Jiang and President Deming Cao of SHISU also attended the ceremony.

Xu Lin expressed her appreciation for SHISU and Renison's cooperation to build the CI together. She said she had high expectations for the future of the two schools' cooperative work and hoped that both parties will work closely to make contributions in the fields of humanitarian exchanges between China and Canada. 

Deming Cao and Dr. Fletcher signed the agreement to build the CI in Waterloo, which established the  formal cooperative relationship between the two parties.

Since 2007, SHISU has established seven CIs in countries around the world including Italy, Japan, Peru, Hungary, Spain, Morocco, and Uzbekistan. The CI in Waterloo is the eighth CI for SHISU.

While in visiting SHISU in Shanghai, Principal Fletcher gave a lecture entitled "The Impact of Colonization on the First Nations Peoples of Canada." Dr. Fletcher explained the effect colonization has had on native culture, while focusing on the changes of educational systems. The talk was chaired by Prof. Xuemei Zhang, the Director of CI Work Office, and attended by Yan Li, the Canadian Director of the CI in Waterloo, and Tanya Missere-Mihas, the Director of English Language Center. Professor Li also was asked to speak while in China.

This was the first time that Principal Fletcher and her delegation visited SHISU.

Why is the Confucius Institute at Renison?

The Institute builds on the long-established East Asian Studies program at Renison, and because of this connection the Confucius Institute is housed in the East Asian Studies Centre.

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The Confucius Institute is funded by The Office of Chinese Language Council International, commonly referred to as Hanban. 

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See how the Confucius Institute brings two cultures together through symposiums, traditional celebrations, and student trips to China.

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