Invisible disabilities week speaker (and alumnus) interviewed on CBC radio

Monday, October 16, 2017

Rick Green with a Renison flagRick Green will be joining us at Renison University College (Renison) tomorrow October 17, to talk to us about his experience of getting a degree with ADHD. Green was diagnosed years after graduation but has insightful information and advice to share with everyone.

On October 16, Green had an interview with CBC where he spoke about his life with ADHD and how his son is also diagnosed with it.

An example or two of the topics that Green will be talking about tomorrow at Renison will include:

  • What you can do as a parent, spouse, teacher, friend, adult, and organization to help someone who has ADHD.
  • The different types of careers where people with ADHD can soar, for example, journalism as it is a constantly changing routine.

You are welcome to come with your friends and see him tomorrow evening at Renison to hear about his experience and advice.

Watch CBC’s video interview with Rick Green on the challenges of ADHD and how to overcome them.

Read the CBC article about the speaking event tomorrow at Theatre of the Arts co-sponsored by Renison, the University of Waterloo, the Federation of Students, and the Arts Student Union.