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These are the current projects at Renison University College that are accepting proposals.

Job Evaluation Compensation Structure, RFP

Closing Date: December 7, 2018

Closing Time: 4:30 PM

Closing Method: Electronic Submission (Email) 

Full tender document can be accessed here: Job Evaluation Compensation Structure, Request for Proposal (pdf)

Our Mission and Purpose:

Renison University College (“Renison”) provides outstanding opportunities for learning and scholarship through an interactive, inclusive environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, respect for diversity, understanding among people, and service to others.

Renison University College makes a valuable contribution to the greater University community by providing the setting that makes excellent undergraduate learning possible. Committed faculty, small classes, and a strong sense of community are among the elements that have made Renison a success.

Who We Are:

Renison was founded on January 14, 1959 under the authority of the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Huron, due to the efforts of the Kitchener and Waterloo Anglican communities. Renison continues to enjoy support from the Anglican community and, in particular, from within the Diocese.

Affiliated with the University of Waterloo, Renison is respected as an inclusive community that values the diversity of its faculty, staff, and students. Renison is committed to engaged education for the well-being of the world, offering degree programs reflecting social engagement through the School of Social Work, and the Social Development Studies Department; global engagement through our Culture and Language Studies Department and Studies in Islam Program; and community engagement in our non-degree programs through the Centre for Continuing and Professional Education. Through its programs, Renison seeks to prepare students for careers in various helping professions, including social work, education, law and the ministry.

The University of Waterloo (“UWaterloo”) provides several services to Renison. Currently, UWaterloo processes payroll and maintains Renison’s benefits including its pension plan. Renison’s current compensation structure consists of 14 grades with approximately 97 employees in 79 distinct jobs. Renison wishes to manage independently their compensation program to provide more flexibility to design the structure and process to reflect the specific needs and environment of the organization. However, if possible, maintenance of similar structures to that of UWaterloo salary ranges and grades would enable Renison to tie into their databases of competitive market information. Otherwise, Renison will need to evaluate market comparable data approximately every three years.


1.1  Renison is seeking proposals from potential service providers for  consulting services in accordance with the terms of this Request for Proposal. Renison invites firms or independent contractors who provide similar services to other organizations of similar size and complexity with regard to job evaluation, pay equity plans and compensation structure.

We are seeking partnership on meeting the following goals for our job evaluation and compensation activities related to staff positions:

  • review the current job description format
  • create or purchase an evaluation tool
  • assist with the training of an evaluation committee
  • facilitate the evaluation process of approximately 79 jobs
  • develop a Pay Equity plan
  • develop with senior RUC staff and Executive, wage bands for all positions
  • research market comparative information for all positions
  • assist with decisions regarding 'outliers' with regard to compensation

Any determined process; evaluation tool and salary wage bands will be aligned with Renison’s philosophy regarding compensation and its managerial strategy. Definition of these strategies will be included in the job evaluation and compensation activities as described.
The award of this contract in no way obligates Renison to utilize the services of the successful bidder exclusively, and Renison specifically reserves the right to negotiate with vendors and establish contracts in addition to this one.


2.1 Proposals will be accepted up to and no later than 1630:00:00 (Eastern Standard Time) on December 7, 2018 by email as indicated below. Proposals received after the closing time and date will not be accepted.

2.2 Electronic proposals must be submitted to the email address included in 2.6 (below) before the closing date and time.

2.3 Proposals must be completed in accordance with the requirements of this Request for Proposal documents and no amendment or change to proposals will be accepted after the closing date and time.

2.4 Proposals shall be irrevocable for ninety (90) days following close of bidding and shall be retained by Renison.

2.5 Proposals shall be originally and irrevocably signed by an authorized representative of the bidder when submitted. Upon award (if any), the successful bidder will be required to supply proof satisfactory to the College of appropriate authorization to bind the bidder.

2.6 Questions regarding this Request for Proposal may be submitted in writing (via email only) on or before November 30, 2018, and must be directed to:

Melanie McKellar
Director, Human Resources and Infrastructure
Renison University College
Waterloo ON N2L 3G4

Renison cannot guarantee responses to questions received after this time. Should any question be considered relevant to all bidders, Renison will provide both the question and the written answer to all known bidders in the form of an addendum. Bidders are solely responsible for ensuring that Renison has current contact information on file for the bidder.

2.7 No other representative of Renison is to be contacted regarding this Request for Proposal. Renison accepts no responsibility for, and the bidder agrees not to rely upon, any verbal or written statements or representations from any other person, whether or not employed by Renison.

2.8 In the event the bidder cannot comply with any term, condition, or requirement of this Request for Proposal, such non-compliance must be clearly noted on the bidder’s letterhead and submitted with the proposal. Bidders are cautioned that such non-compliance may result in disqualification of the bidder’s proposal, at the sole discretion of Renison. No allowance will be made for un-noted non-compliance of any kind by a bidder.

2.9 Renison University College will not consider more than one bid from a bidder under the same or different names.

2.10 Bidders are cautioned that proposals will be solely evaluated upon the disclosed evaluation criteria, and no linkage of offers to donations, scholarships or similar quid pro quo arrangements will be considered.

2.11 Pursuant to Section 6 of Ontario Regulation 429/07 (“Regulation”), The Accessibility Standard for Customer Service made under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, the successful bidder shall ensure that all of its officers, employees, agents, or others for whom it is at law responsible, receive training about the provision of the Goods and Services contemplated herein to persons with disabilities.

Bidders are encouraged to review Renison’s requirements with regard to accessibility, and to identify and offer recommendations / alternatives that serve to support accessibility for all.

2.12 The International Sale of Goods Act does not apply to this Request for Proposal, nor to any contract formed as a result of this Request for Proposal.

2.13 The laws of the Province of Ontario shall apply to this Request for Proposal and any contract formed as a result of this Request for Proposal, and the Courts of Ontario shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any contract formed as a result of this Request for Proposal.

2.14 Renison’s name, logo, crest, etc, shall not be used without the prior written consent of Renison.

2.15 Should a compliant bidder wish to debrief after the RFP has been awarded, they are welcome to make a formal request, in writing, to the person named in 2.6 within sixty (60) days of the award posting. Please be advised that the Renison University College considers each bid to be confidential, and will only discuss with each bidder their own bid’s strengths and weaknesses.

2.16 Renison supports environmentally positive initiatives. Our goals are to pursue sound life cycle choices whenever possible and to encourage our suppliers to strive towards not just environmentally progressive goods, but to pursue aggressively increasingly superior environmental and sustainable offerings. Renison will always consider environmentally superior product choices in our procurement decisions, and will, when appropriate, factor a certain percentage of cost towards superior environmental and sustainable goods and services.

2.17 Bidders shall not have any claim for compensation of any kind whatsoever, as a result of participating in this Request for Proposal, and by offering a submission to this request, each bidder shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed that it has no claim.

2.18 Bidders shall, if applicable, defend all suits or claims for the infringement of any patent to invention rights, trademarks and service marks involved.

Full tender document can be accessed here: Job Evaluation Compensation Structure, Request for Proposal (pdf)

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