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Keyless Access Request for Proposal, RFP #19-004

Renison University College
Keyless Access
Request for Proposal, 2019
RFP #19-004
Issued: December 13, 2019
Site meeting: January 6, 2020
Questions Arising Due: January 13, 2020
Closing Date and Time: January 31, 2020

Contents of RFP # 19-004


Section 1.0: Purpose and Content
Section 2.0: Instructions to Bidders
Section 3.0: Evaluation and Award
Section 4.0: Award of Contract
Section 5.0: Proposed Schedule
Section 6.0: Requirements
Section 7.0: Technical Specifications
Section 8.0: Other Terms
Section 9.0: Submission Format


Appendix A: Proposal Form
Appendix B: Conditions
Appendix C: Independent Contractor Agreement

Keyless Access Request for Proposal, full document (PDF)


Renison University College (“Renison” or “College”) primary function is post-secondary and graduate teaching with facility, residence, food service, IT, and administrative functions necessary to support approximately 210 residents and nearly 1,600 registered students in the Fall term, September through December, and the Winter term, January through April.

The facility is comprised of a variety of buildings and additions dating back to 1962.  Total square footage is approximately 150,000 on 6 acres.

Construction of an approximately 6500 sq. ft. addition to the Academic centre is underway; completion is tentatively scheduled for December 31, 2019.  To accommodate construction, the second floor of the Academic Centre is not in use through to December 31, 2019.

Renison supports environmentally positive initiatives.  Our goals are to pursue sound life cycle choices whenever possible and to encourage our suppliers to strive towards not just environmentally progressive goods, but to aggressively pursue increasingly superior environmental and sustainable offerings.  Renison will always consider environmentally superior product choices in our procurement decisions.

Renison takes pride in offering and encouraging teaching and staffing innovation and vigour and expects the same of its service partners.

The objective of this Request for Proposal (”RFP) is to invite Bidder Proposals (referred to in this RFP as “Proposals” or “Submissions”) from Bidders (“Bidders” or “Respondents”) for the supply of Keyless Entry Access System (the “Services”) to Renison in accordance with the requirements set out herein and in the attached appendices, schedules and any addenda thereto, all of which form an integral part of this RFP.


2.01 Proposals will be accepted up to and no later than January 31, 2020, 3:00 pm, complete in every respect and sealed in an envelope which shall be clearly marked with the Proposal title and number.    
Proposals received after the Closing Time and date will not be accepted. 

2.02 Proposals must be completed in accordance with the requirements of these Request for Proposal documents and no amendment or change to Proposals will be accepted after the Closing Time.

2.03 Proposals shall be irrevocable for ninety (90) days following close of bidding and shall be retained by Renison.

2.04 Proposals shall be originally and irrevocably signed by an individual that has the authority to bind the Bidder and be binding on delivery

2.05 Questions regarding this Request for Proposal may be submitted in writing (via email only) on or before January 13, 2020, and must be directed to:

James Robson
Director of Facilities
Renison University College
Waterloo ON N2L 3G4

Keyless Access Request for Proposal, full document (PDF)

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