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Current Tenders

These are the current projects at Renison University College that are accepting proposals.

Founders Aluminum Window Replacement, Request for Proposal

Full tender document can be accessed here: Founders Aluminum Window Replacement, RFP

1.0  General Provisions

1.1  Intent:  The purpose of this RFP is to invite Bidders to submit proposals to supply, deliver, assemble, install and service, repair and maintain replacement windows (the “Work”) for Renison University College (the “College”), Founders Building, 240 Westmount Road North, Waterloo, Ontario.  All old windows and waste material are to be removed from the facility and property with a fully finished renovation to the site for all noted windows, exclusive of repairs to window openings and sills, provided due care is taken in the installation of the replacement windows.  Replacement windows are to be carefully placed to minimize repair work.

There are approximately 50 ground and second floor windows of various configurations.  The successful Bidder  shall be responsible for all correct measurements and  weather-tight installation as per manufacturer’s instructions and good industry practice.

1.2  Objective:  The objective of the RFP is to select the Bidder or Bidders who will be provided with the opportunity to enter into negotiations with the College, with a view to entering into an agreement(s) with the College in relation to completion of the Work.

The College anticipates that the RFP will allow Bidders to provide input as follows:

  1. Provide a comprehensive competitively solicited proposal offering window replacement and related services to the College;
  2. Plans outlining the proponent’s approach to items such as quality assurance, procurement management, communications, delivery and installation and environmental management;
  3.  Fully committed resources, capability and capacity to project(s); and
  4.  Committed pricing to project(s).

Samples of Goods may be required for inspection and specification compliance testing in order for the College to determine if the item or items being offered is/are equivalent to and meets the minimum standards of quality acceptable to the College. It is anticipated that a sample window will be required. If requested, such samples are to be provided at no cost to the College, and delivered to the address specified within the timeframe to be identified. Failure to submit samples as specified may be grounds for rejection of a Bidder’s proposal.

1.3  Project Time Schedule – Preliminary Milestone Dates

The College intends to award a contract(s) in relation to the Work as a result of the RFP process in accordance with the following schedule. Milestonees

RFP Issued:

March 30, 2017

Closing Date (RFP response complete in every respect including technical data as per evaluation criteria to be received):

April 14, 2017

Award approval:

April 19, 2017

Service Commencement - Installation Start Date–

May 1, 2017

Installation Completion Date–

June 27, 2017

The College intends to meet these dates but reserves the right to change any date at its sole discretion.

Installation is to be closely scheduled with the College due to ongoing scholastic activities.

1.4  Instructions to Bidders

Description of Work

The Work, as described in the foregoing, is to supply, deliver, assemble, install and service, repair and maintain replacement windows.

Cover Letter

Submit a cover letter detailing the following:

  1. Introduce your company (expressing interest in);
  2. Provide a summary of the Goods and Services being proposed to meet the College’s needs and why it is the solution(s) the College should consider; The window original manufacturer and model name are to be detailed; 
  3. Provide a summary of the qualifications and experience in large-scale public sector implementations (demonstrate historical capacity to complete projects within the required timeframe) and how this experience indicates that the Bidder’s solution(s) is suitable for implementation and provide an executive summary of your proposal.
  4. Subcontractors: It is important to the College to know who may be involved in the projects of this size and complexity and in what capacity. The College is aware that often for large projects a firm will outsource one or more functions. The College allows this practice, but would like to know all companies to be involved, so that individual investigations and evaluations can be made. This may include other manufacturers, installers, designers, project management companies, or any other company that will play a part in the design, installation or ongoing maintenance of the product. State any work proposed to be provided by a subcontractor, and provide evidence of each subcontractor’s capability and willingness to carry out the work. For each proposed subcontractor, include firm name and address, management contact person, and complete description of work to be subcontracted. Include descriptive information concerning subcontractor’s organization and abilities.
  5. Manufacturer’s Representative: Factory authorized distributor, or a subsequently authorized dealership, fully qualified to install and service proposed window systems. Have performed at least two window systems of a size and value similar to or greater than that being contemplated in this project. Alternatively, should the Bidder or Bidders not have the requisite experience, Bidder or Bidders should describe their organizational and staff experience providing similar Goods and Services, as described in this RFP, in sufficient detail to demonstrate the ability to perform the requirements. Supplement the Submission with a letter from the manufacturer certifying that the manufacturer’s representative is a bona fide dealer for the specific categories of window system presented, and that the manufacturer’s representative is authorized to submit an offer on such window system, and which guarantees that should the manufacturer’s representative fail to satisfactorily fulfill any obligations established as a result of the award of contract, the OEM may either assume and discharge such obligations or provide for their competent assumption by one or more bona fide dealers for the balance of the contract period.

Delivery of Proposals

  1. Submit proposals, complete in every respect, sealed in an envelope, which shall be clearly marked with the Proposal reference number.
  1. Late proposals will not be accepted.
  1. Unless otherwise stated, it is assumed that the information presented in the proposal will be valid for 90 days from the date of closing.
  1. Proposals must detail company history, professional qualifications and key personnel.
  1. Proposals must be addressed to:

Jim Robson, Director of Plant Operations/Facilities


Full tender document can be accessed here: Founders Aluminum Window Replacement, RFP