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These are the current projects at Renison University College that are accepting proposals.

Snow Removal Specification, 2018-2020 Seasons

Closes September 28, 2018, 2:00 PM

Contact: Jim Robson, Director of Facilities, via e-mail:

Full document can be accessed here: Snow Removal Specification, 2018-2020 seasons (PDF).


Renison University College is a multi-purpose facility, the primary purpose of which is post secondary education and residences and food services to support its mission.

The facility is situated on six acres and includes two parking lots and numerous walkways and common areas.


The contract is for a three year period.

For the annual period of November 15 to April 15, 2018-2021, the successful bidder shall remove snow when more than 3 centimetres (1 inch) of snow has accumulated; apply snow and ice melting material  on the building steps, fire exits, sidewalks, parking surfaces and laneways.  All identified surfaces must be cleared of snow at least once prior to 7:00 AM and throughout the timeframe between 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM if the snow accumulates more than 3 centimetres, 7 days a week. 

The expectation is that all identified areas shall be clear to the finished surface within 24 hours of each weather event.

During periods of inclement weather which result in a continuous snowfall, the identified surfaces are to be cleared on an eight hour or less interval.  Steps and walkways may not accumulate more than 3 centimetres of snow at any time.

Any damage caused to buildings and landscaping by the operation of snow removal equipment or personnel shall be repaired by the successful bidder.

In general, all work is to be completed in a professional manner in accordance with accepted industry practices and in compliance with all relevant legislation.

Specifically, the following work is to be completed, in addition:

--steps, fire exits, sidewalks, parking surfaces and laneways are to be maintained during the timeframe indicated above

--recycling and waste collection area is to be kept clear of snow

--salt is to be applied to parking surfaces and laneways

--ice melter is to be applied to all steps, fire exits and walkways

-- three sandboxes will be supplied by the contractor and maintained with ice melter.  Cost of ice melter supplied is to be included in the contract

--the contractor is responsible for all costs incurred, including the provision of all snow and ice melting materials and chemicals, and the application thereof

--24 hour site monitoring is required to address daily freeze/thaw cycles

--snow removal from the site shall be arranged by the successful bidder at extra cost, with the College’s agreement

Insurance and other legal requirements:

The Bidder shall complete a Liability and Workers Safety Insurance Board form and submit it with their proposal. Clearance certificates issued by the WSIB are required to be filed with Renison University College, including Independent Operator Status as applicable, and maintained throughout the period of the contract.

The Bidder shall provide a minimum of $2,000,000 Public Liability Insurance

and $2,000,000 Property Damage Insurance, including automobile liability, and maintain such coverage throughout the period of the contract.


All fees are to be negotiated between the successful Bidder and the College; invoices are to be addressed to: 

Renison University College

240 Westmount Rd. North

Waterloo, Ontario

N2L 3G4

Attention:  Jim Robson,

Director of Facilities

CONTRACT PERIOD:    November 15 2018 to April 15 2021.

Total quoted price must include HST (to be indicated separately)


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Academic Centre Additional Design/Build, Request for Proposal

Issue Date: July 18, 2018

Mandatory site meeting: 2:00 PM, Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Questions arising due: 2:00 PM, Friday, August 17, 2018

Proposals due/closing date: 2:00 PM, Friday, September 21, 2018

Full tender document can be accessed here: Academic Centre Additional Design/Build, Request for Proposal (PDF).

Terms of Reference

This Request for Proposals (the “RFP” or “Proposal”) sets out the instructions for submitting Proposals, outlines the scope of work and the procedure by which the Consultant will be evaluated and selected.


The College’s objective is to increase teaching and administrative space to the Academic Centre. The College, through this RFP invites qualified and experienced Engineering and/or Architectural Consulting Firms to respond.


Renison University College is located at 240 Westmount Road North and is affiliated with the University of Waterloo. The Academic Centre is a mixed use addition dating to 2006. The addition contains six classrooms, an International Centre, Ministry Centre, Library and is a busy thoroughfare.

Since the addition was commissioned, Renison College’s enrolment and special activities have increased. The College wishes to pursue the option of the third floor which was envisaged during initial design and construction.


The scope of work for Phase One, Architectural design services, of this project is as follows:

Identify work to the existing structure to ensure the following requirements are incorporated into the design and plans:

  • All current provisions of the Ontario Building Code, including updated barrier free provisions  
  • All applicable provisions of the Design of Public Spaces Accessibility standard passed under authority of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, AODA 2005 and subsequent amendments
  •  All best practices for  accessible design standards such as CSA B6512-04 “Accessible Design for the Built Environment” and the Final Proposed accessible Built Environment standard developed under authority of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities act, AODA 2005 and subsequent amendments.

1.  Consult with the Renison University College Design Team to:

i. produce a presentation-ready schematic;

ii. attend meetings with the Renison Team or public to produce three major revisions to the initial schematic;

iii. following the consultation, produce Construction  ready drawings for:

  • a large multi-purpose classroom that may be reconfigured to support small classes and large special functions with storage
  • a series of offices to support Executive functions of the College which include an appropriate waiting area
  • one private washroom and small staging area for Food Services, one I/T closet, one janitorial closet
  • An optional rooftop garden/casual meeting area with restricted access
  • Two universal toilet rooms and one private washroom
  • Elevator

N.B. Provisions for HVAC, currently situated on the roof and other existing conditions shall be dealt with in a manner that allows continued occupancy of the existing structure during construction without material interruption.  A plan to maintain water tightness during the whole of the demolition and construction must be considered and strictly adhered to.

2.  Provide Class A estimate of construction costs. The estimate will incorporate, at a minimum, the following expenditures:

  • Detailed demolition drawings including provision of temporary HVAC and other pre-existing conditions (access, power, water tight/weatherproof conditions etc.)
  • Detailed floor plans
  • Structural plans, notes, sections, and details fully describing the structural building requirements
  • Finish schedule and notes
  • Special details and conditions (millwork, handrails, keyless access, cctv, etc.)
  • Mechanical plans, notes, sections and details fully describing the plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection requirements
  • Electrical plans, notes, sections and details fully describing the electrical communications and equipment requirements
  • Project specifications, completely describing materials and performance requirements;
  • Details, schedules and notes to be used in the construction of the project


The scope of work for Phase Two, Construction of the project requires the Consultant to undertake the site preparation, site accessibility during demolition and construction, demolition, permitting construction, completion of the project in accordance with the approved construction drawings and approved price from Phase 1 of the Scope of Work and all documentation (warranties, as built drawings etc.). As part of the Scope of Work Phase Two, the Consultant and RUC will prepare a detailed list of all Consultant obligations encompassing all matters to be dealt with by Consultant in respect of all facets of the project construction  including ensuring timely and transparent communication between RUC and Consultant (reporting, site meetings, progress reports etc.) and establish protocols for changes to construction drawings and change orders, inspections, quality and quantity surveys/confirmations and payment certification, and other relevant matters:

Consultant Qualifications

Only firms licensed to practice architecture or engineering in the Province of Ontario shall be considered for this assignment. In order to be considered qualified the Consultant must also have recent experience with work of a similar nature and scope as well as the physical and financial resources to sustain and complete the work. 

The College reserves the right, prior to award of any Contract, to make such investigations and request such further information it deems necessary to ensure the Consultant possesses the necessary experience, physical and financial resources to complete the work of the contract to the satisfaction of the College.

The Consultant shall employ only skilled and competent staff with the required experience and qualifications relevant to the proposed work, under the supervision of a senior staff member, to perform the work contemplated under this assignment. The Consultant shall employ staff for the following identified positions, with the years of experience specified, to perform the work contemplated herein.

The College reserves the right to short list proponents and invite proponents to meet with the Evaluation Team for the purposes of an interview or presentation, should this be deemed necessary by the Evaluation Team. If required, Consultants will be scored on an objective basis and this score will be added to the matrix below in order to determine the successful Consultant.

Consultants may be contacted to explain their Proposals; however, they will not be permitted to alter information as submitted.

Macro Schedule

Line Item

Due date

Architect/Engineer Appointed:

November, 2018

Plans and Specifications to Be Completed and Ready for Proposal:

February, 2019

Issue Pre-Qualification for General Contractors:

March, 2019

Construction starts:

May, 2019

Construction ends:

August, 2020

Note: Commencement of construction shall be contingent on budget approval by Renison University College.

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